Which forums are paid for when they are published

Before registering, you should study these forum rules first and
Also read the FAQs carefully to avoid irritations both when handling and when posting.


In advance:


Anyone who wants to have their watch or tool etc. evaluated should go to the watchmaker or appraiser and pay for their service there!

Failure to comply leads to exclusion - immediately and with no ifs or buts.

The operator's house rules apply.


This is about watches, the watchmaker's workshop, his tools and everything else that has to do with them.

Hobbyists are very welcome!


I know that all of this is relatively annoying and that you would like to post immediately, but you can
not be that we spend half of our time moving, deleting, or postponing posts
edit because they don't conform to our rules or because questions have been asked for the 25th time.
We want to offer you the widest possible range of information and help in the watch workshop,
but this is only possible if, on the other hand, we also have appropriate resources in
Form of time and information on your part.

§ I. Basics:

1. The Internet is not a legal vacuum!
The German judiciary may not see everything on the Internet, but it does see a lot.
The consequences of not following German laws on the Internet are
just as drastically as in the case of non-compliance with the laws in "real life".

>>> The house rules of the operator apply   <<<

The laws of the Republic of Germany are to be followed.
Disregard can result in criminal prosecution. The operators (administrators) of the forum
have the opportunity to collect relevant data that can be used to identify the perpetrator in the event of violations.

2. Of course, as those responsible for our website, we are careful not only
ours, but also to adhere to the rules of the legislature.
Should someone persistently ignore the rules, there will either be a temporary ban or permanent exclusion.

3. Access to the forum and its use may not be requested, declared, or in any way required
otherwise enforced.
The forum operators reserve the right to temporarily or permanently withdraw the privilege of use from individual users at any time and without giving reasons; this applies in particular to:

* the dissemination of propaganda material by unconstitutional associations (§ 86 StGB).
* the dissemination of pornographic writings and representations (§ 184 StGB).
* inciting crimes or participating in them.
* the publication of material that slander, insult or threaten other users.
* the publication of articles with exclusively economic content.
* the abuse of freedom of expression in order to verbally abuse, insult, discriminate or verbally attack other members.
* Copying contributions, articles in the forum, the website and publishing these contributions in other public forums, magazines.

4. We can and will consistently end unobjective discussions that go overboard and disregard our rules.

5. Posts that obviously violate the forum guidelines should be ignored and not answered. In addition, it is helpful to inform one of the moderators (or the forum operator).

We would like to point out one thing very clearly:

Anyone who believes that there is anonymity on the Internet is on the wrong track!
In the event of violations, there can and will be consequences!

6. We do not accept any liability for any incorrect tips, programs, instructions, procedures or scripts and any associated damage or loss of data.

7. All rights, in particular the copyright usage and exploitation rights to the contributions, articles, photos, etc. made available in relation to the user are exclusively reserved to the operator of the forum.

A member who leaves the forum, be it by his own request or by a serious violation, cannot obtain against the operator that all contributions

as well as their contents are deleted. As already mentioned under 7, these are made available to the forum.

8. If a member is no longer active in the forum for more than six months, their account will be deleted.

With this step the database is maintained and unnecessary costs are avoided.

9. Prizes, appreciations, etc.

For example, if you want to have the value of your watch appraised, please visit a competent watchmaker or, better still, an appraiser and pay appropriately for his service. Topics that revolve around the evaluation of an item are immediately closed or deleted.

We also forbid discussions about prices for services of any kind here. Work has value and must be rewarded. The calculation bases are individual and cannot be discussed here.

10. Evaluation of work, companies, etc.

For example, if you are very satisfied with the work of a craftsman, you are welcome to announce this here. But make sure that it does not degenerate into flat advertising, but keep it in an objective reporting.

Anyone who is dissatisfied will clarify this on their own with the contractor. The watch workshop forum is the wrong platform for this: watches are screwed on here, lawyers have their own communication channels.

11. Legal advice

Legal advice does not take place here. Statements in this direction are to be regarded as a maximum personal opinion of the author and are without any legal basis.

12. Unwanted topics

As a watch workshop forum, we take it for granted that this platform is basically filled with topics related to watches, watch technology, tools, watchmaker's skills, etc.

Of course, it is good for every forum if topics from outside the forum are addressed.

What we do not want here are discussions about politics, religion or sexual orientation.If you need to communicate on these topics, please contact the appropriate (specialist) forums.


13. Rights of use

With the creation of a contribution you grant the operator a simple, temporally and spatially unlimited and free of charge right to use this contribution within the framework of the forum.

This right remains in effect even after the user contract has been terminated (even after the member concerned has been excluded).

There is no right to delete posts.

At no time does the operator take responsibility for the content of contributions.

The operator has the right to delete or block user accounts, contributions, images or functions at any time.

The operator has the right to change contributions at any time.

§ II. Correct post:

1. Make sure that there isn't already a topic that answers your question.
Use the forum's two search functions for this.

2. Please select the appropriate sub-forum for a contribution.
Incorrectly positioned posts must first be moved, which, with a growing number of posts, represents an avoidable, time-consuming additional effort.
Time that cannot be used to help you!

3. Do not post the same post multiple times or in multiple sub-forums.
Duplicate entries only cause confusion or displeasure if someone does duplicate work and are therefore removed.

4. Choose a meaningful title for your topic.

5. Describes as much as possible.

6. Make a paragraph for longer articles,
this increases the readability immensely and does not immediately scare the reader.
It is also much less tiring.

7. Avoids the use of multiple punctuation marks,
multiple question marks, exclamation marks are often perceived as intrusive and impolite.

8. Avoids excessive use of smilies,
the contribution should thus remain clear and legible.

9. Cite other sources:
If you want to quote from articles e.g. news from other websites, you can take over the heading, then another 1-2 lines from the article. Otherwise the link must be made to the article!
In any case, add the source reference, this applies even more to images from the Internet.

10. User profiles that give the impression of offending the forum and / or the operator in an inappropriate way will be deleted. Therefore, do not create obscene user profiles (e.g. killing animals as a hobby)

11. If you give download links,
then also respect the copyright and if in doubt, ask the publisher or author.

12. Avoids spam,
be it through disjointed comments, ramblings or other nonsense.
Appropriate and topic-related answers are expected to questions and calls for help. You can have fun every now and then, but you should know and not cross the line between a little joke and annoying spam.
Deviations from the original intention / question of a thread should be avoided.

13. Check your posts for grammar and spelling before submitting.
You can best see it in the preview. Nobody demands perfection, but the contributions should be legible and understandable.

14. You can edit your posts.
If you forgot to mention something, you don't need to write a new post right away. This also gives you the opportunity to clear up any errors.

15. If you were helped in the watch workshop,
then don't be afraid to say thank you there too.
Let us take part in the solution, even if you found it out on your own or if you received help from other sources, so that your contribution can serve as a reference in the future for similar or similar problems. Even if you only made mistakes in the settings, please let us know
Do not forget to answer serious help, even if it does not lead to the solution of the problem, because after all, everyone who helps would like to know whether the answer was successful or not!

16. Nobody is paid for their help in the watch workshop,
so don't expect too much either. Don't get impatient, even if after
24 hours no one has replied to your posts.

17. If your question has not been answered for a long time,
With so many inquiries, it happens again and again that a request remains unanswered and threatens to be lost on the back pages of the list. In this case, it is allowed to ask in your own thread in order to bring the contribution back to the foremost position in the list so that other users have the opportunity to perceive the contribution.
Even if a problem that was believed to be solved turns out to be not yet solved, it is better to ask again in the old thread, because it contains the history and everything that has already been tried to fix the problem ...
(If the thread has already been blocked, you can ask the moderator of the sub-forum by PM to reopen the thread).

§ III.a Signatures and Avatars:

1. Avatars are allowed.

2. Animated graphics in the signature may be used if they are small.

3. No disparaging statements in the signature, e.g. "XYZ is an A ... hole" or the like!
The case law in Germany is clearly defined and the forum operator is made responsible for what you certainly do not want.

4. Always remember that the signature is your personal little business card on the board, it should not contain your entire résumé or that of your watch.

§ IV. Advertising:

1. Please do not advertise fake sites and fake pictures are prohibited

There are users who only register in order to advertise their homepage or a product.

Our community does not benefit from this, except that we provide the advertising platform for it free of charge and without being asked, and that cannot be, not to mention the partly illegal offers on these pages.

2. No advertising for file sharing or the like!

3. No references to warez or crackz pages!

4. References to sites dealing with pornographic topics are taboo!

5. Pages that deal with violent topics are also taboo!

6. As well as pages dealing with topics that violate the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. (see § I)

7. This also and especially applies to nicknames that contravene our applicable rules.

8. Clan advertising is not permitted!

9. You are on the wrong track here when looking for sponsors. Such posts end up in the trash.

10. Posting links to thief games of any kind is prohibited, regardless of the type of loot!

So if corresponding threads / posts / nicknames / signatures / profile advertising etc. should appear, they will be deleted immediately and without feedback.

11. Advertising in the forum is only permitted with the approval of the administration.

In the case of offers from a watchmaker or supplier, the request of advertising

by arrangement, usually gladly complied with.

§ V. Copy protection discussions, file sharing and more:

After the new copyright came into effect in Germany on September 13, 2003, this also has consequences for us. But first again about the press release:

"The new copyright law has been published today in the Federal Law Gazette. It comes into force on September 13, 2003. The law regulating copyright in the information society reacts to the technical developments of recent years. With the dawn of the digital age, protection was necessary The author also extends to exploitation on the Internet. This extends the existing protection of intellectual property. Of central importance are the provisions of the law on the protection of technical measures with which creatives and exploiters protect their services and control use. "Who - Regardless of whether it is commercial or private, for a fee or free of charge - offering and distributing music, films or computer games on the Internet for download without being authorized to do so is a criminal offense, "emphasizes the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Cracking the copy protection of protected music CDs or video DVDs has been prohibited since September 13, 2003. After publication in the Federal Law Gazette, the recently adopted reform of the Copyright Act (UrhG) came into force.

While it is still permissible to make a backup copy of a computer game or office software, the right to make private copies of the purchased music CD or movie DVD will be severely restricted in the future. In principle, private copies can also be made, but it is forbidden to bypass copy protection.
Aids that are necessary to circumvent copy protection, such as clone programs and some burning software, are also prohibited. In addition, the downloading of programs and files from "obviously illegal sources" (such as file sharing platforms on the Internet) for private use will in future be illegal.
After the amendment to the law, private individuals do not make themselves liable to prosecution, but under certain circumstances the industry may face high claims for damages.

As a reaction to the new circumstances, we will no longer tolerate questions that relate to copy protection in whatever form.
Warez and file sharing have always been taboo for us, so it is hardly surprising that we are just as consistent when it comes to copy protection.
We are reluctant to discuss problems that result in any form from the installation and use of these programs, such as virtual drives etc.
We also don't like to discuss programs that serve to prepare for sharing, such as grabbing, ripping or capturing, etc.
Of course, we also do not tolerate links to websites with illegal content or dubious download sources.

Should corresponding threads be opened anyway, we will close or delete them immediately!

§ VI. Copyright of our articles:

Since the copyright violations are increasing in relation to articles, workshops, pictures, etc., we explicitly point out once again that no one is authorized to copy our articles and publish them elsewhere.

So once again very specifically and unequivocally:

1. Duplication or other publication requires the express written approval of the operator.
Of course, the author of an article can also use his own article elsewhere.

3. We will punish violations of copyrights with all means available to me!

4. All brand names used (e.g. ETA, Ruhla, Elgin, etc.) are registered trademarks, even if they are not explicitly marked as such. Same thing

applies to product names whose naming rights lie with the manufacturers (e.g. Glucydur, Nivarox, etc.).

§ VII. Individual cases not covered by the rules:

In individual cases that are not covered by these rules, the website operator will decide on the basis of the facts available.

We reserve the right to make changes and additions to these rules at any time!


Marketplace rules can be found under watch exchange!


The operators

Status: 02/20/2017