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The 10 Best iPhone Wallpaper Apps in 2020

Wallpaper used to be the horribly sticky wall coverings people used to cover their rooms. However, with the advent of the personal computer, the term “wallpaper” began to be used as a background for desktop images.

Since then, the term has stayed, although "wallpaper" now primarily refers to the home screen background on a smartphone or the lock screen background.

But regardless of the terminology, smartphone wallpapers are great.

With them you can really customize your smartphone to put your own signature on it.

All iPhones have dozens of built-in wallpaper options, of course, and you can even use any photo from your photo library to set them as the home screen or lock screen wallpaper.

But sometimes you want a different picture. Dare I say a better one? And there is that iPhone apps listed below come into play ...

Best iPhone wallpapers

Of course, you can spend hours searching Google Images to find the right picture, or just download a wallpaper iPhone app and get instant access to tens of thousands of wallpapers. Now it has to be said that there are tons of wallpaper apps for iPhone and many of the features are basically the same so it is really difficult to objectively determine which are the best. However, in compiling this list, we picked those that had an impressive range of 5-star reviews. So, without further ado, here are the 10 best iPhone wallpaper apps in 2020.

Vellum backgrounds

  • The official description of the app: Introducing: Parchment - Here you will find beautiful free handpicked wallpapers for iOS. With hundreds of stunning images in the app, you can change your look every day. With new packages regularly and a brand new wallpaper every day, you don't need a different wallpaper app. * A sight for sore eyes * We have sorted thousands of images and created stunning images in-house to deliver the best high quality wallpapers for iPhone. Beauty is something that we are very passionate about. * Powerful built-in blur * Easily create a blurred background with our wallpapers using our blur tool. The aesthetic of a complementary gradient on your home screen is a welcome addition.
  • What it does: A beautiful user interface and an average of 4.8 ratings from over 51,000 reviews at the time of this review.
  • How to do it:iOS

Everpix Cool Backgrounds HD 4K

  • The official description of the app: The exclusive collection of high quality HD and Retina wallpapers is here for you! Express yourself with unique, awesome backgrounds for your screen. With Everpix you get: High quality wallpapers; Thousands of absolutely FREE 4K, Retina, and HD wallpapers; New wallpapers every day; Different categories and topics to choose from; We carefully select each wallpaper and adapt it to any screen size. We select images so that they show the colors of your screen and your personality. Cool holiday wallpapers.
  • What it does: A great preview mode and an average of 4.7 ratings out of over 24,000 ratings at the time of this review.
  • How to do it:iOS wallpapers HD

  • The official description of the app: Best rated wallpaper app! 500,000+ downloaded and scored 4.8 / 5.0 on user rating! Updated every day! Background images are selected by top designers and uploaded daily! Famous For Great Wallpaper Collection: Covers all wallpaper categories from art to celebrities! Fast, easy and user-friendly. Check out the nice, fast and easy user interface. It is made by top designers and developers.
  • What it does: A solid 4.8 rating average of over 2,500 ratings at the time of this review. People seem to love this up and coming app.
  • How to do it:iOS

Wallpaper list: Live 4K Retina

  • The official description of the app: Amazing the wallpaper app with lots and the best wallpapers with Retina HD HDR quality for all iPhone versions. We work hard to bring you lots of Super Retina HD wallpapers / backgrounds every day. Fantastic Features: Bookmark all the wallpapers you love. Lots of free live wallpapers. Show similar wallpapers. Collection of iOS 13 gorgeous wallpapers.
  • What it does: Cool categories and an average of 4.5 from over 2,000 reviews at the time of this review.
  • How to do it:iOS

Nice wallpapers & backgrounds

  • The official description of the app: The most adorable cute wallpapers ever are back with some amazing categories along with extraordinary features. Incredibly 2000+ cute wallpapers will help you decorate your screen and give it a stunning look.
  • What it does: This one makes the list, although there are hardly any reviews at the time of writing. So why? Because it has a huge variety of cute, adorable wallpapers that you can't find anywhere else.
  • How to do it:iOS

Wallpapers 4K - WallPick

  • The official description of the app: Beautiful wallpaper pictures. High quality. Retina, 4K, QHD, Full HD, HD. Popular / Newest / Random wallpapers. Monochrome wallpaper. Download wallpaper. Favorites.
  • What it does: At first glance, this looks like a very general wallpaper app, but it makes this list because there is a large collection of solid wallpapers out there. These are great if you're just looking for a solid color background to use as a wallpaper. It can make app icons really pop out.
  • How to do it:iOS

Wallpaper Plus

  • The official description of the app: Beautiful, quirky, fun, cheesy - whatever you need.
    Wallpaper only app with over 100,000 awesome backgrounds. Bring your screen to life with cool wallpapers and backgrounds that Wallpaper Plus brings to you! All pictures, photos, pictures are real masterpieces that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • What it does: This app makes the list because of the insane number of wallpapers. Over 100 in total!
  • How to do it:iOS

Glitter Wallpapers & Glitter Backgrounds

  • The official description of the app: Are you looking for awesome Glitter Wallpapers & Backgrounds to spice up your device? Or are you just looking for a cool way to spice up your gadget with Glitter Wallpapers & Backgrounds? Look no further because this app has got you covered with the best glitter wallpapers and backgrounds you need.
  • What it does: If bling and flash are your thing, you've come to the right wallpaper app.
  • How to do it:iOS

Best Christmas wallpapers

  • The official description of the app: Welcome to the Christmas wonderland where you can see the beauty of Christmas Day and Christmas Eve so you can start your countdown to Christmas in style! Download Best Christmas Wallpapers and you will get one of the best apps in Christmas Wallpapers hd free download category that will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of Christmas! This amazing collection of cool Christmas wallpapers will get you in the holiday mood and let you experience the holiday spirit with every Merry Christmas wallpaper that pops up on your screen!
  • What it does: Do you love Christmas? This is the wallpaper app you need to have your phone decorated for the holidays.
  • How to do it:iOS

VIBE Aesthetic Wallpaper 4K

  • The official description of the app: Are you tired of boring mundane wallpapers? To hell with all these standards! We are not like the others! Create the mood with unique atmospheric wallpapers for your lock screen and home screen!
  • What it does: This app rightly points out that many wallpaper apps are the same. But not this one, oh no ...
  • How to do it:iOS
  • Q: Where can I find good wallpapers for iPhone?

    There is no shortage of wallpaper websites on the internet to find good wallpapers for your phone. However, also think of websites that are not background images, such as: B. Pinterest or your favorite art or photography blog.

  • Q: Which is the best app for wallpaper?

    There are dozen of wallpaper apps out there. These are generally considered to be the best:

    • Vellum backgrounds
    • Everpix Cool Backgrounds HD 4K
    • Clarity
    • wallpapers HD
    • Wallpaper list: Live 4K Retina
  • Q: How can I improve my iPhone wallpaper?

    The most important thing to enhance your iPhone wallpaper is to make sure that you are using a high resolution image. All iPhones have displays with insanely high resolutions. You should therefore ensure that the background image you have selected corresponds at least to the resolution of your display - if not even exceeded.

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