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Software from planning to manufacturing

The manufacturing area is a central component of our software.

In stair construction, production is seamlessly connected to the CAD module. Manual production with templates is just as possible as automatic production with CNC machines. Compass Software supports all machines from common suppliers. This also includes special machines and old machines.

In addition to the overall CAD / CAM solution for stair construction, the CAM solution from Compass Software offers connections to a wide variety of CNC machines in other areas, such as timber construction. All common machines can be controlled without any problems. The general CAM solution is based on various interfaces with a neutral processor. This means that the module can be used for all CNC machines. Furthermore, the software offers lucrative extensions for plate optimization, production control and monitoring, as well as the connection of robots for the unmanned loading of CNC production cells.

Conventional manufacturing in stair construction

Control of all common machines

Barcode, choice of station and table allocation

Clamping device calculation

Panel optimization - optimal cutting

Laser measurement systems in stair construction

Robot loading

Production management and control

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Conventional manufacturing in stair construction

Once the design is completed in Compass Software, it can easily be used in the same software for production, exported as DXF data for systems other than DXF, or printed as 1: 1 templates for manual processing.

For conventional production, we offer a complete 1: 1 output of all components of a staircase. This output is optimized for endless plotters. The designs can be based on 1: 1 templates printed for manual editing. In this way, stair builders can take full advantage of the CAD modules without CNC machines.

Complete Parts lists, which in turn can be designed by the user, are available for all parts of the staircase and additional items.

CNC connection and production

The connection and control of CNC machines is one of our core competencies. TheIt is controlled fully automatically and directly from the software. We support small craft businesses as well as large industrial manufacturing companies and have experience in setting up fully automated production chains.

Control of all common machines

With over 30 years of experience in the field of CNC connections, we are able toall common CNC-controlled machining centers to connect. this includes also old machines and special machines.

It is possible to commission machines with up to 5 axes in one tool head. Thanks to the complete parameterization of the machine in the Compass software system, it can be adapted to various models on the market without special programming and directly on site at the customer.

At the end, fully executable CNC programs are generated fully automatically and transferred to the control.

Control of special machines

We also have extensive experience with theControl of special machines, such as wide belt sander or edge, milling and sanding line. TheControl of positioning lasers is also not a problem for us.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the CNC area, we can also old machines put into operation, for which there are sometimes no more descriptions.

With the connection of old machines and special machines, companies can control their entire machine park with just one software. This saves time, training costs and specialist personnel.

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Clamping device calculation

The automatic calculation of clamping device positions - be it vacuum suction cups or horizontal / vertical clamps - is also completely operated by us. Here it is even possible (if the machine allows it) to move or re-clamp parts between machining operations.

We offer connections to all machining centers from all well-known manufacturers that are suitable on the market.
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Plate optimization

Our panel optimization module 2.0 guarantees the best possible material utilization with minimal waste.

The system calculates the optimal arrangement of any parts on the plate with as little residual material as possible. The disks are used to the maximum. Clear warehouse management is included in the module.

The user determines which individual parts should be optimized. He can use various presettings to decide whether he wants to combine only one type of part per plate, e.g. only steps in stair construction, or whether he wants to mix several different parts, e.g. steps, stringers and risers.

The module can effectively be used for the following parts:

In stair construction:




Running parts

All parts mixed

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In timber construction:

Wall panels

Flat beam panels

Plates of all parts mixed

BTL parts in general

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The experiences of our customers with our panel optimization 2.0 module are very convincing!

Our long-standing customer staircase construction Voss GmbH & Co. KG has been using the new module since December 2018. Since then the capacity utilization of the disks has increased by more than 10% compared to the previously used disk optimization by the competitor.

Before the changeover, the company achieved a disk utilization of 72% with the use of competitor software, now 80-83% is easily achieved. This saves costs and the inventory can be planned more precisely.

To the practical example

Since switching to the Compass software module, our optimization has improved a lot…. Once you have adjusted all the presets to your individual operation, the calculation works with just one click. It's quick and easy.

Production manager Bastian Groth, stairs construction Voss

Barcode, choice of station and table allocation

Professional production in the 21st century is supported by communication systems based on the use of barcodes, RFID chips or similar marking systems.

Here, too, Compass Software offers a system that is completely integrated into production, which also helps smaller companies in particular to optimize the flow of data between work preparation and production.

Further options for increasing efficiency are barcodes with station selection or table allocation via barcode.

This makes work at all stations in the workshop much more effective and mistakes are avoided.

Laser measurement systems in stair construction

The demands on the modern stair builder are becoming more and more complex these days. Carpenters sometimes have to deal with the most complicated objects, as modern architecture knows hardly any limits in terms of creativity. Good stair construction software is essential for planning and producing such works of art.

What the carpenter finds on the construction site has to be measured exactly and often laboriously transferred to the CAD / CAM software. All relevant dimensions, angles, curves, height differences must be recorded individually and entered into the construction software in order to map the actual situation of the construction site as a basis for planning.

Modern 3D laser measurement systems facilitate the process enormously, but manual data transfer is often unavoidable here too, since the transfer to the further processing software does not always work without errors. And this is exactly where Compass Software comes in and offers fully integrated interfaces to different systems.

Thanks to exact digital 3D measurements, the complete interface to the planning program and the seamless transfer of production data to the CNC including nesting, nothing stands in the way of successful completion of any project.

Fully integrated interface to the3D laser measurement system from Flexijet

With this interface, measurement data can be read digitally as XML from Flexijet's measurement software into the Compass staircase construction software. The transfer in 3D includes all relevant measurement data, such as ceiling openings, floor heights, ceiling structure and room information (walls, windows, doors, wall openings, cable ducts, etc.). Measurement data of a staircase with handrail as well as more complex geometries for concrete cores pose no problem.

This saves time and effort. The dimensions are simply read in and are immediately available for further construction and production in the stair construction software. The use of the Flexijet laser measurement system results in a high level of safety during the entire course of the project, complex adjustments of the stairs on site or even incorrect production of stair elements are almost impossible.

Fully integrated interface to the Bosch GLM 100 C measuring device

In addition, we have integrated the Bosch GLM 100 C measuring device into our staircase construction software. The laser measuring device can be connected to any Windows computer via Bluetooth. As soon as the device is connected, it is initialized in the software. Any length values ​​can now be measured and automatically transferred to the stair construction software. Carpenters can use it to read data from concrete cores on the construction site, for example. It is only necessary to mark the first step and the Compass software program then notices how the concrete step is measured and then automatically jumps to the next step. So stair builders have minimal effort when measuring the structural specifications. The process is simple, fast and fail-safe. Thanks to Bosch and Compass software, even small businesses can now work precisely with laser measurement technology.

Increased efficiency through robot loading

Systems with automatic robot loading can work in multiple shifts without any significant loss of precision and performance. Logistically well thought-out material stacks enable the robot to work through uninterruptedly without supervision. With today's steadily growing shortage of skilled workers, it is more and more important to make optimal use of the existing workforce. As part of the upgrade to automation, Compass Software not only controls the data flow of the machine, but also generates CNC programs, coordinates the positioning of the suction cups and creates work lists for the entire production cell. The upgraded machine can produce more powerful, longer and more innovative, while at the same time valuable employee capacities are saved.

Practical examples:

Verschaeve ATABSBA3

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