What's the scariest minecraft mob

Minecraft: developer on new, creepy mob

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Game developer Markus Persson published a detailed and interesting article on his blog yesterday about a new mob that you in Minecraft to teach fear. The Swede already points out extensive spoilers in the first sentence, which we agree with: If you want to experience the new adversary for yourself as soon as it has been implemented with the upcoming adventure update, you should stop reading the news here.

A few days ago, Persson posted a screenshot of the new type of mob in his Google Plus account. The now published details about these make it clear what the picture already suggested: It will be anything but a friendly fellow. Rather, the so-called endermen should deliberately be very scary and trigger fear in the player.

According to his own statements, the developer succeeded in doing this after a few changes: The mob is black, has long and narrow limbs, is three meters tall, moves very slowly and will move blocks. However, that was not enough for Persson, since the whole thing felt like a normal zombie when tested - there was a clear discrepancy between "looking scary" and "playing scary". Changes such as faster movements came closer to the point, but did not satisfy the developer.

As a result, in the blog post mentioned, the Swede also thought about fear or the generation of fear. His consideration:

I thought about what creepy actually means. It's much more than trying to avoid something in particular. When you know that something bad can happen the moment you do something wrong, you will begin to think about your activities - and that could make things even more frightening.

The key adaptation of the mob was this: They will be passive until you look directly at them. You can stay near it and watch it move its blocks. However, as soon as you point the crosshairs directly at his head, the Endermen will attack you.

But that's not all, because Persson wanted to bring more psychology into play. So the mob will freeze when you look at them and turn to you. As long as the crosshair is pointed directly at him, he will stand completely still and also stare. As soon as you look away, the Endermen will run in your direction - and very quickly. If these beasts (according to the Minecraft developer) are too far away to reach you within a short time, they can also teleport once per second. Persson ends his posting with the statement:

When [the new mobs] attack, you know it was your fault. If you look at one of them, you can keep looking at it to figure out how to deal with it. But you know he will definitely reach you very quickly once you stop looking at him. And that, my friends, is scary. Possibly too scary.
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