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Get the key to your own house and move in immediately. That would be fantastic! Many builders who hear the term “turnkey” actually imagine the process as this. Order the house, have the prefabricated house delivered and installed, receive the keys and start living carefree. But unfortunately the reality is a little different. Because the new house is really finished if it is not yet turnkey - even if it sounds like it. So what is hidden behind the "turnkey" prefabricated house?

First of all: There is no clear legal definition for the term “turnkey”. That is, different construction companies can interpret the term differently. You should therefore inform yourself precisely about the included services and pay attention to the details of the contract.

Helpful norm

ÖNORM B 2310, which generally defines the term “prefabricated house”, is used as a guide. It was created in 1991 by the Austrian Prefabricated House Association. Austria is the only country in Europe that has such a standard. In principle, all association members must offer their houses in accordance with this guideline. The minimum scope of services for the various expansion stages is also defined. Of the three options "Finished house", "Ready-to-use" and "Turnkey", the latter is the highest stage of development. The services contained therein are precisely described in the standard.

Included in the turnkey house

A turnkey house should definitely be locked and lived in. The shell work must therefore be completed, windows and doors installed. There should also be a functioning heating system, installations for water, electricity and sewage. But be careful: the homeowner must apply for the connections for gas, water and electricity to the relevant utility companies! The services included include:

  • Floor substructure including thermal insulation and floor coverings.
  • Filling on all ceilings and wall surfaces, prepared for wallpapering.
  • Bathroom and toilet made liquid-tight.
  • For at least one TV and telephone connection, the empty piping must be provided at the agreed point and led to the lower edge of the basement ceiling or the upper edge of the pointed floor ceiling.
  • An apartment distributor for the electrical installation with the protective devices at an agreed location. All lines in the power range must be connected.


Every third single-family house built in Austria is a prefabricated house. This puts Austria far ahead in a European comparison. Only Scandinavia has a higher market share. A total of 4,370 prefabricated single-family houses in accordance with ÖNORM B 2310 were built in this country last year. The proportion of turnkey houses increased significantly and is now 33.8 percent.

That is not part of it

In addition, the clients of a prefabricated house have to order things like the outdoor facilities, the garage, sidewalks, antennas, lightning rods, fences and driveways themselves. Also not included in the minimum scope of services are things like:

  • Basement and foundation slab structure
  • Smoke and air traps
  • Kitchen and other furniture
  • Sewer and cesspool systems as well as drainage shafts
  • House supply lines as well as supply and disposal lines including connections

So talk to your prefabricated house provider in advance about your wishes and ideas as well as the services they provide. The package for your new home can usually be expanded individually. Then there are no nasty surprises when you move into your turnkey house.