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Ambiloop - freeware sampler with 8 track recording function

Ambiloop is a Windows program for creating and playing back sound loops in real time. The freeware sampler works like a multi-track tape with a delay effect, with which you can record audio loops and play them back immediately. »More about Ambiloop

DarkWave Studio

DarkWave Studio - Modular Audio MIDI Sequencer with VST

DarkWave Studio is an open source DAW for electronic music production. The freeware has a modular structure and provides numerous tools for sound production. »More about DarkWave Studio

DJ ProMixer Free Home Edition

DJ ProMixer Free Home - Freeware with YouTube Downloader

DJ ProMixer Free Home Edition is a free DJ program for beginners in software-based DJing. The freeware offers DJs two decks with master tempo, equalizer, automatic and manual synchronization, loops and waveforms for orientation and scratching. The user interface is original, if not necessarily to everyone's taste. »More about DJ ProMixer Free Home Edition


Macaw - Free Digital Audio Workstation with VST Interface

Macaw is a complete and free digital audio workstation. The freeware audio editor and MIDI sequencer comes with numerous project templates for a wide variety of requirements. »More about Macaw


MusEdit - Freeware for melody and bass voices

MusEdit is a professionally equipped and meanwhile free score writer. With this notation program you can write standard notations for melody and bass parts and create tablatures for four-, five- and six-string instruments. »More about MusEdit


Psycle - Freeware software studio with a tracker feeling

PSYCLE is a modular music studio that is based on a tracker interface, but goes far beyond that in terms of functionality. The freeware DAW is suitable for any kind of music production. »More about Psycle


QuickAudio - Editing Freeware with VST Interface

QuickAudio is an audio editor that can be used both as a stand-alone version and within the QuickScore notation program from the same manufacturer. With the freeware, sound files can be recorded, played and edited. »More about QuickAudio


Wavosaur - Freeware with VST and ASIO support

Wavosaur is a free sound editor with 2D and 3D spectral analysis for Windows. With the freeware, WAV and MP3 files can be recorded, analyzed, cut, provided with loops and sound filters and also converted. »More about Wavosaur