What is the first message to girls

Write to girls you already know So she says yes to you

Is it the first time you want to write to a girl?

A girl you haven't gotten out of your head for weeks.

Haven't you received a response from the cute girls you wrote to yet?

Do you have absolutely no idea how to keep a conversation going?

Believe me, I used to feel that way too. I have had to write to countless women to finally find out what really matters. And then I also interviewed many women about what they pay particular attention to.

So I'm going to show you here very specifically:

So let's get started right away.

Write a note to the girl

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Table of contents of the article

1. Write to girls you already know - what you absolutely have to pay attention to

If you meet a girl on a regular basis, such as in the school yard, playing sports, or with friends, you may be particularly afraid of rejection.

You might think of things like:

“Oh man, if you say now that I like her and that I like her, I am sure she will give me a go. That would be just too embarrassing. After all, I meet her every day. I really can't do that. Then I am ashamed to the bottom. "


“Shit, maybe she'll tell her friends and they'll all laugh at me. The whole school yard will laugh at me. The whole sports club will laugh at me. Even my friends will laugh at me. "

Writing to a girl and telling her that you like her can be associated with a lot of fears and doubts for you.

So right now you're going crazy about the bad things that could all happen if you tell her how awesome you think her is.

But before you continue to think about any doomsday scenarios, let me give you my most important tip and my most valuable insight in this regard.

2. My most important tip that I can give you by writing to the girl:

Definitely do it!

Really! Just tell her!


You've been imagining the worst that can happen to yourself all the time.

The girl gives you a basket. She no longer writes back.

You feel miserable every day. You have to run into her every day. You are ashamed. And maybe the whole schoolyard is laughing at you.

Maybe when you're 18, 19, 20, or 21 you're still a virgin and you've never had a girlfriend.

OK. So that would be the worst that can happen. But what would be the best that could happen?

The best that can happen is that she says:

“Wow, you are really brave. To be honest, I like you too. I'm really happy that you told me that. "

Perhaps you will then fall in love with each other or you may even be in love with each other. You come together. You will find a friend in her. And everything is fantastic. In this case, that would be the best case scenario.

Let me tell you one thing at this point:

It really doesn't matter which of the two cases will occur or whether anything will happen in between. Because there is something that will definitely happen.

It doesn't matter if she turns you down. It doesn't matter if your friends laugh at you. It is also not so important whether you then become the absolute dream couple for the rest of your life.

What will definitely happen is that you will experience that if you just take this step and jump in the deep end, it won't kill you or break you.

You won't die from it. Your life basically goes on just as it did before.

So when you text a girl or tell her personally that you love her, your brain and body learn that it's okay to just stand by yourself and your feelings. You learn that you don't have to hide. And that you can endure baskets.

It may feel bad at first, but it won't harm you. It's just a bad feeling and we all have to go through it. You probably already know that. But that's about it.

You're reading this article because you already know. Actually, you'd just like to tell her how you feel. And basically nothing prevents you from doing it ...

... except yourself.

So I really want to recommend to you:

Go for it!

Do it!

Write to the girl!

Tell her you like it!

What you take away from it will be retained as value for your entire life.

And if she turns you down, it'll hurt for a moment. Just like every man who is successful with women, I have already won countless baskets.

Even if you get together and split up after a few weeks or months. The development that you can accomplish as a result and the experience that you have will remain with you for the rest of your life.

And this development is what makes you successful with girls.

No blatant technique, no particular phrase and no secret methods will help you. But a man who has the experience of taking the risk wins.

3. Write to the girl - Now it will be specific

Let's get to exactly how you can properly write to women you already know.

There are 2 different ways to write to a girl that you already know.

The direct and the indirect variant.

I'll talk more about the direct variant here as it is my personal favorite variant. I will also go into the indirect variant, but I definitely recommend the direct form.

You will find out why in a moment.

Take a look at this video, in which Samuel explains how you can best write to them and give you a few insider tips on what you should do best to get to know them:

You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:
You won't miss any of our videos again. Click the red YouTube button to subscribe to Strengthen Manhood:

So let's start with the direct variant.

4. Write to girls - the direct variant

For example, if you know the girl from your school, you could write her the following:

“Hey Rebecca. This is Michael from 12b. I've seen you in the school yard several times now and I just think you're so cute. I would really like to get to know you. Do you want us to meet sometime? ; ) «

At first, this may seem a bit too direct to you. Maybe you are thinking, “What? Should I tell her right away that I think she is cute? That’s totally embarrassing. "

No, it's not embarrassing. That's just the truth.

Why do you want to write to the woman at all? Probably because you just like it. Because you think they're cute.

And what you wish for is probably that she likes you too. And even if that is not the case now and will not be so until later, then that is not so bad either.

I know from my own life that the worst for me is always uncertainty.

Confusing you all the time with questions like:

"Oh man, if I tell her that now, will she give me a go?"

"Does she even like me?"


"Has she ever noticed me or seen me somewhere or knows that I exist?" They don't really get you anywhere.

So stop building up even more insecurity in yourself and brooding over things that you can't find an answer to anyway.

There is only one way to find out whether she likes you or not:

5. Take the first step!

Just tell her you think she is cute and also tell her why you think she is cute in the first place. Tell her you noticed her. Don't hide this from her.

Girls may not be stupid, but they are often very naive. This means:

Maybe she doesn't even know that you like her and therefore doesn't give you any signals or signs that show you that she thinks you are great too.

And even if you've talked to her before but you haven't made it clear or told her what you think of her, she might just think you're a nice guy to talk to about your math homework.

But that's not what you want. You don't want to just talk to her about math homework.

You are more likely to want her to become your friend. Or that you go to the cinema holding hands. Or that you make out with each other. Or whatever you want to do with her.

That's why my recommendation to you is:

6. Be honest!

This has the following advantages:

  1. You get clarity immediately. She will either shut you down or she will reciprocate your feelings. Maybe you will meet privately afterwards. In any case, you will immediately know where you stand with her.
  2. In the long term, your subconscious and your body will learn that it is completely okay to adhere to your wants and needs.

So many people suppress their desires because they may think that they are wrong or have no right to exist. Or maybe they think they don't deserve the things they want.

By taking the first step and starting to say the things you want, you stand by yourself and your needs. In this way, you give yourself the chance that these can come true in the first place.

So it is not just wishful thinking that you keep imagining and therefore not come true anyway, but wishes that can also come true. By simply taking the initiative and approaching things openly.

This gives you the opportunity to accept yourself and your wishes as they are. You allow them to exist and take their place in the world.

That creates self-confidence. This means that you don't have to be confident in the first place to confess your feelings to a girl.

Rather, you become self-confident just by telling her what you think of her.

Or by simply writing to a girl and asking for a date.

That's why the direct version is my big favorite.

So just write to her nicely and just tell her something like:

“Hey, I'm the Michael. I know you from math class and I think you're really pretty. "

Text the girl that you like her and then the real reason you are texting her.

And then like to ask her about a date or a meeting in the first, second or at the latest in the third message. After all, you are not strangers to one another.

She probably already knows you from school and then she at least knows that you go to the same school.

That means, you are not some strange type that she cannot trust, but you are a boy around her. And if she somehow likes you or likes you, then she'll be happy to meet you.

So don't let too much time go by. Because although flirting in chat can be a lot of fun, a real meeting is just a lot nicer. Because that is where the first kiss and sex can take place.

You can also just build a much nicer and closer connection with each other when you really meet.

You also get a lot more clarity about whether she likes you or not. And you can read the woman's body language if you are unsure.

But now we come to the indirect variant.

7. Write to girls - the indirect variant

The indirect variant works in such a way that you write to the girl, but you don't tell her the real reason for it directly. You can say something like:

“Hey, I'm Michael from 12b. We're in math class together and I don't understand the last homework. Did you do it and maybe you can help me? "

If she says something like, "Yeah, sure, no problem," then let her help you. If she says: "No, sorry, I didn't understand the homework either," then you can easily switch to another topic and, for example, talk about it. For example, ask:

“What are you doing outside of school? What do you like to do and what hobbies do you have? "

So start a normal conversation with her and ask her about a date or a meeting later. Don't tell her until later why you really wrote to her.

However, this has two massive disadvantages:

  1. Small talk is boring and even young girls tend to get turned off pretty quickly by it.
    Plus, she might think you don't have the balls to just tell her the truth.
    Or she just doesn't have time for new "friends". Therefore, it is possible that you screw up your chances with the indirect method.
  2. You are not open to your feelings and you hide behind an excuse. This will protect you a bit from injury, but you will also miss out on what you can learn from this situation for the rest of your life.

That's why I recommend you to stick with the direct variant. From my experience I can tell you that your chances of success increase massively with it.

And even if she says no to you, you have gained experience that no other of your classmates have had before you.

8. My most important advice to you

If I may give you one last piece of advice, it's this one: hold on and keep practicing writing to girls.

The more you practice this, the better you get and the greater your chances of success. Especially with the girls who already know you.

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