Shell gasoline is normally expensive in India

Petrol stations: Aral is getting rid of petrol - only super on sale

Düsseldorf / Hamburg (dpa) - After the significant drop in sales for normal gasoline, the end of this type of fuel is getting closer. "If the development continues like this, it is very likely that we will take normal items out of the market," said the CEO of Aral AG, Stefan Brokin Düsseldorf.

At the end of November, Aral adjusted the prices for regular and premium gasoline and thus established itself in the market. Since then, the proportion of regular gasoline in the petrol sold at Aral has shrunk from 25 to 13.6 percent. At some stations it is only four or five percent, said Brok. By the end of the year it will "certainly sink below ten percent".

However, Brok expressly did not want to commit to a point in time for a possible changeover. "As long as we have significant customers who want regular gasoline, we will offer it." At the moment normal gasoline can still be bought at all Aral stations. The company sees itself as the market leader in Germany with almost 2,300 road filling stations, 102 motorway stations and a market share of 23 percent.

Shell spokeswoman Cornelia Wolber made a similar statement to the Aral boss. The trend towards premium petrol can also be seen in your company, but regular petrol is still available at all stations. With a combined market share of more than 40 percent, Aral and Shells are the heavyweights on the German gasoline market.

At the end of November, Aral justified the reduction of the super price by one cent per liter and thus the price adjustment to normal with the procurement prices in the markets. In part, because of the high demand from the US market, Normal is even more expensive to procure than Super, Brok said.

On the other hand, there was criticism from automobile clubs that the normal abolition was planned for a long time. The industry wants to save costs by eliminating one type of fuel and cash in at the expense of the consumer in order to compensate for the decline in sales on the market. Brok rejected the criticism. Customers would now get better quality fuel for the same price.

The automobile club ADAC has meanwhile accepted the emerging development. "The normal gasoline is technically superfluous," said spokesman Maximilian Maurer of the "Autogazette". "Economically, it was not superfluous; the motorists could save costs with it." He hopes that the mineral oil companies will pass the saved costs on to motorists, making driving cheaper.

The Central Association of the German Petrol Station Industry (ZTG) assumes that regular petrol will no longer be available at petrol stations by the end of the year. Some larger medium-sized petrol station operators would already close their pumps for normal gasoline in this quarter, said ZTG managing director Jürgen Ziegner of the "Westdeutsche AllgemeineZeitung" (WAZ).