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Whether you can share your Netflix account depends on your subscription. If you not only want to pass on your access data, but also want other users to have their own profile with their individual films and series, you need at least a standard subscription. In the following tips + tricks article, we will show you how you can then add additional users to your Netflix subscription.But be careful: According to the Netflix Terms of Use, an account can only be shared with people who live in the same household!

Share your Netflix account - you should consider this

The number of people you can share your Netflix account with depends on your Netflix subscription. You can choose between three subscription models:

  • The Basic subscription allows you to stream series and films on just one device and with one profile.
  • About the Standard subscription you can use Netflix on two devices at the same time - and in HD quality too.
  • With the Premium subscription Netflix even runs on four devices, with four profiles at the same time and in Ultra HD.

If you share a Netflix account with anyone else, you should observe the following information: If several users in a household are streaming films on Netflix on several devices at the same time, your internet connection must be very fast. Otherwise there may be malfunctions or error messages during playback. In addition, Netflix can run on a maximum of four devices (premium subscription) at the same time via one account. So if a user is logged into two devices, another user may no longer be able to log in.

Share your Netflix account - this is how it works

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

quick start Guide

  1. Give your Login data to the people you want to share your account with.
  2. These should be a Create your own profile. To do this, go to the profile symbol at the top right and click "account“Click.
  3. Now "Manage profiles" choose.
  4. Finally on "Add profile“Go and the individual Create profile.