How to make a children's room soundproof

Soundproofing in the nursery

There are two main reasons to protect a child's or baby's room against sound.

  • It allows your children to sleep in peace without everyone else in the house or apartment having to be quiet.
  • It prevents, for example, baby screams or play noises from echoing through the entire house and disturbing you.

If it's still a baby, don't worry, you can still hear it through the baby monitor, but at the volume you want it to be. So you are not neglecting it in any way.

We show you how you can proceed to make your life as well as that of your loved ones calmer.

Soundproof door

When it comes to soundproofing, the best way to start is with the holes in the room. These are normally windows and doors.

Since the door goes inwards and the resulting sound echoes directly to you, it is a good starting point. Most houses and apartments nowadays are fitted with cavity doors. Due to the layer of air inside, these are often significantly cheaper than solid doors. By replacing this with a massive one, you could improve your sound insulation considerably.

You can find out whether your door is solid or with a cavity by simply knocking on it. One doesn't sound hollow, the other doesn't.

If your door is already massive or you do not have the opportunity to replace it due to a rental situation, you can still improve the sound insulation on your door. The cheapest and fastest way to soundproof your door is to install an inexpensive soundproof sealing strip, like this one here on Amazon *, under and around the door. This allows you to significantly reduce the gap between the door and the floor with little money and effort. If you live in a rented apartment and don't want to stick anything to the door, there is another variant that can be attached *. But make sure that it doesn't collect too much dirt, especially small stones could leave scratches on the parquet or laminate.

Sleep aid

If you want your child or baby to sleep well but disturbing noises penetrate the nursery, you can help yourself with a sleep aid. These devices generate calming tones and thus ensure that annoying noise from outside is no longer perceived. You can find a suitable model here on Amazon *. Of course, other noises, such as from a fan, can also help, if you choose this variant you can even choose a model with a filter and thus improve the air in the children's room. A proven model with a HEPA filter is available from Dyson *, for example.

Soundproof curtains

If the noise or sound that is annoying to your children comes from outside, you can consider buying soundproofing curtains. On the one hand, this reduces external noise and, on the other hand, the curtains have a sound-absorbing effect, thus reducing the echo in your children's room. There is also a variant of Pony Dance that also has a darkening effect.

PONY DANCE curtain * can be used for all types of windows, thanks to the dense structure, which also serves to protect against light, and other advantages such as thermal insulation, the curtain noticeably reduces the sound penetrating through the window.

In contrast to triple-glazed windows, the curtain can also be installed in a rented apartment or as a temporary solution, e.g. for a construction site in front of the window. The curtain is available in different sizes and colors, so there is definitely something for everyone.

Slippers against trampling

Trample in either direction can be disruptive. By both directions we mean in detail:

  • Your child is disturbed by your trampling while sleeping
  • You feel disturbed by your child's trampling

But here, too, it is relatively easy to remedy the situation, as described in our article "Soundproofing ceiling", footfall sound insulation does not have to be installed. You can achieve a slight reduction in the noise caused by trampling with quiet slippers for you and your children. You can find suitable models here on Amazon:

Extreme noise protection measures

If you have taken the above points into account but the sound insulation is not yet satisfactory, you can take more extreme measures.

If the apartment or house is your property, you can, for example, install an additional drywall on the inside of the children's room. This significantly reduces the penetrating sound.

Soundproofing can also be used to reduce the reverberant sound in the room. This means that noises penetrating the room will sound less again. A suitable and visually appealing aid for this is the high-performance sound absorber "Brushed Pro" *. This can help you to massively reduce the echo in noisy rooms. The panels are hung up like pictures and have a high sound-absorbing effect.

Thanks to the different colors that can be selected, additional color accents can be set; compared to convoluted foam, these panels can be integrated into pretty much any furnishing style. As a result, they are no longer noticeable, but are perceived as images.

If you are worried that something will happen after all the noise protection measures and you cannot hear your baby, you can consider expanding your baby monitor solution. For this you can e.g. use a baby monitor like here on Amazon *. This means you can always check whether your baby is doing well without disturbing his sleep by opening the door and making the associated noise.

If you want to deepen the topic of sound insulation in the children's room, you will find further tips on our page Sound insulation in the study to exhaust all remaining possibilities and thus to optimize the sound insulation for your loved ones and you.