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Does the liability insurance pay if the cell phone breaks?

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Which insurance pays for which cell phone damage? And is it worth taking out special insurance against display breakage?

  • Liability insurance covers damage that you cause to someone else's cell phone. However, if your child or a family member who is insured with you breaks your cell phone, liability insurance does not apply.
  • You can take out special mobile phone insurance. However, you should check carefully beforehand whether the benefits also match the contribution amount.
  • Household contents insurance can protect your cell phone from a lot of damage and can be expanded to include special additional components for electronic devices.

Do you know where your cell phone is right now? The odds are pretty good because if you're the average smartphone user, you've had your phone four times in the past hour.

Laptop, tablet and cell phone damage: does my liability insurance pay?

The average smartphone user spends two hours a day with his phone, picks it up 60 times, sends 55 text messages and scrolls over 173 meters of screen. We seldom leave the house without a cell phone. When it breaks, a part of life is missing. It is therefore not surprising that cell phone damage is one of the most frequently reported liability claims.

Laptop, tablet or mobile phone damage usually occurs because the device falls into water or because it slips out of the hand and the display breaks. Various insurance companies can take action if something happens to your cell phone, especially personal liability and household contents insurance. Which insurance pays depends on where and how the damage happened.

If someone else drops your phone or accidentally wipes it off the table, they'll have to be held responsible and pay for the damage. If he has liability insurance, it pays. In such a case, you should keep the broken device until the claim settlement is completed; you may have to send it to insurance.

My cell phone fell down, the display was broken: a case for my liability?

It happened quickly: the cell phone falls down and the display is down. Whether the liability insurance then pays depends on the circumstances: If it is your own cell phone, then your liability is not responsible. But if someone else's cell phone is over, your liability will usually apply.

If your phone slipped out of the hand of a friend while looking at photos and broke, he can be held liable. If he has liability insurance, it now steps in and pays the damage. If your friend deliberately destroys your phone, he or she will also be liable, but his liability insurance will not pay for it.

Is it worth taking out additional mobile phone insurance?

Mobile phone insurance, which is often offered to you when you buy a new smartphone, is usually taken out because it insures against the dreaded breakage of the display. Some also insure theft.

Sometimes you will be offered mobile phone insurance when you buy your new smartphone. However, do not rush this decision. Take some time to look at the insurance documents and check: Which damage is insured and which is not? In the event of damage, will the cell phone be reimbursed for its replacement value or current value? What are the monthly contributions?

A tip: take out household insurance instead. Many different types of damage are covered by household effects, including burglary, for example, depending on the tariff. The SIGNAL IDUNA premium tariff even reimburses data recovery costs in the event of damage. In addition, you can protect your electronic devices with a special additional module in a household contents insurance. This means that not only a single cell phone is insured, but also tablets, laptops and all mobile devices that have Internet access or are integrated into a smart home network. At SIGNAL IDUNA, for example, there is the additional Smart Home module, which insures your devices against operating errors and moisture damage, among other things. And: While many cell phone insurances often only reimburse the value of the used device, home contents insurance pays the new value.

What if I broke a friend's phone?

A phone falls down, a display shatters. This mishap happens hundreds of times every day. Does your insurance company pay if you break a friend's cell phone? And when do you have to pay yourself? Let's look at a few examples.

First example: You just wanted to google something quickly and your friend's phone slips out of your hand and shatters on the marble floor. That was clearly an accident and your liability pays.

Second example: Your friend was holding his phone when you slipped your flip-flops on the marble floor and bumped into him. His phone fell from your friend's hand. In this case, too, you are unintentionally to blame and your liability pays.

Third example: You have a heated discussion with your friend and you throw his phone on the marble floor in anger. In this case you are liable for damages. However, since you acted willfully, your liability doesn't pay a dime.

Does the liability insurance pay if I break the company cell phone?

A special case exists if you break, lose or damage your company cell phone. First of all, it depends on the contract you have with your employer. The »Working Agreement on the Use of Mobile Phones« stipulates whether you are liable for damages in the event of damage to the company mobile phone. The damage you have to reimburse will depend on the exact circumstances. With normal signs of wear and tear, you do not need to replace the company cell phone. Not even if it was stolen from your pocket, if you handled it incorrectly or dropped it.

So you see: you only have to be liable for a broken company cell phone in exceptional cases. In cases where the employer can ask you to replace the phone, liability insurance usually does not pay. But there are also tariffs that also insure the company cell phone, for example the liability tariffs of SIGNAL IDUNA.

Does the liability insurance pay for cell phone theft or loss?

If your cell phone is stolen or lost, your liability insurance is not responsible. But: In certain cases, the home insurance comes into play in the event of theft.

Household contents insurance always takes effect if parts of your inventory are damaged or lost due to tap water, fire, lightning, burglary and vandalism. The phone is protected by external insurance in closed rooms outside your home. If you are robbed, home insurance will cover it too. In the case of simple thefts, such as pickpockets, it depends on the tariff. Many insurance companies do not cover simple theft. Others, such as the SIGNAL IDUNA, also insure trick theft.

Unfortunately, if you lose your cell phone, you will have to pay yourself. For a lost cell phone, neither the household effects nor the liability is covered.

Will my liability pay if my child breaks a cell phone?

Whether your liability insurance pays compensation if your child breaks a cell phone depends on how old the child is and whose cell phone it is about. If it is a third person's cell phone and the child is older than seven, then your liability pays. If it is the cell phone of a third person and the child is under seven years of age, your liability will only be paid if you also insure damage caused by children who are incapable of tort, such as SIGNAL IDUNA's liability insurance.

However, your liability does not cover any damage that your child causes to your mobile phone, his own or that of his siblings. Damage within the jointly insured family is counted as personal damage and is excluded from insurance cover. The only exception: you damage the cell phone of your adult child who lives in their own apartment and has their own household. Then your liability insurance will take effect and compensate for the damage.

Who pays for the broken cell phone - household items or liability insurance?

When the liability insurance pays

  • In the event of unintentional damage to your own cell phone caused by third parties: the liability of the person responsible.

What the household insurance pays

  • In the event of damage and loss due to fire, tap water, lightning strikes, robbery, burglary and vandalism.
  • Depending on the tariff: If lost through trickery and pickpocketing.

Conclusion: how should I insure myself against cell phone damage?

Dropping your own cell phone is difficult to insure. Individual cell phone insurances that insure the display break often only reimburse the current value of the cell phone, and it sinks quickly. Liability insurance is worth its weight in gold if you or a family member damage someone else's cell phone. However, it does not insure any self-inflicted damage to your own property.

Would you like to protect yourself against damage to someone else's cell phone?

If you accidentally damage a friend's cell phone, liability insurance takes over - with SIGNAL IDUNA this even applies if your child, who is still incapable of tort, causes the damage.

Insure now

Household contents insurance without an additional module also does not insure dropping it. Still, it is a very sensible investment, as it can be used for most other types of damage to your electronic equipment. For example, in the event of burglary, robbery, vandalism and water damage, and - if you have an additional module such as Smart Home from SIGNAL IDUNA - also in the event of operating errors.

As for the broken display: Just in case, it is best to get a good protective cover with your new cell phone.

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