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German-Spanish Studies / Estudios Hispano-Alemanes B.A.


Bachelor of Arts

Study structure

The German-Spanish studies are an undergraduate, integrated, binational bachelor's degree that was jointly developed by the Universidad Regensburg and Universidad Complutense Madrid. The interdisciplinary orientation is already integrated into the course. The DSS therefore do not provide for a combination with another subject.

The study program is divided into four academic years. The first two years of study are spent at the partner university in Madrid.
An internship is completed after the second year of study.

The course is completed after 8 semesters of standard study time, and both universities award the graduates with a diploma that is officially recognized in both Germany and Spain.

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Characteristics of German-Spanish studies (B.A.) are

  • the international orientation, which is given by an integrated two-year study visit at the partner university and a compulsory internship in the foreign-language country
  • the networking of different scientific disciplines: literary and cultural studies, political and social sciences, economics and law
  • the acquisition of practical intercultural competence through the joint study of German and Spanish students in year groups and through initial experience in a professional environment in Spanish-speaking countries
  • the uniqueness of the course: with its specifically interdisciplinary and international orientation, the bachelor course "German-Spanish Studies" is unique in Germany.


Brief description

The following qualifications are imparted in the German-Spanish studies:

  • Business fluent command of Spanish (for German students) or German (for Spanish students) (oral and written,
  • extensive general and special vocabulary, thorough knowledge of grammar, style, pronunciation and intonation)
  • at least one other foreign language
  • Knowledge of Spanish literature or Spanish linguistics
  • profound knowledge of Spanish history and culture
  • Theory and methods of general and comparative cultural analysis
  • Intercultural communication and action skills
  • Knowledge of the history of international relations using the example of German-Spanish relations
  • Basic knowledge of business, economics and law

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Professional profile / competencies

The course qualifies students for employment in international companies and organizations, cultural institutions and public institutions as well as media in the broader sense.
The strengths of this course are the language skills, the intercultural competence as well as an extensive, interdisciplinary methodologically reflected specialist knowledge about Spain and the Spanish cultural area. In addition, a four-semester master’s program can be added to the bachelor’s course, in which the specialist knowledge that has already been acquired can be deepened.



Mandatory internship of at least four months in Spanish-speaking or German-speaking countries


Participating subjects

including Romance studies (linguistics, literature, cultural studies), political science, history,
Economics, law


Duration of studies / standard period of study

The duration of the course depends on the individual course of study. The standard period of study, i.e. the time in which the intended study program can ideally be completed, is 8 semesters. The actual duration of study can differ from this. It is limited by the examination deadlines, which are regulated in the examination regulations.


Scope of the course

240 ECTS points


classroom language

German Spanish


Start of studies

only in the winter semester


What qualities should I have?

Interest in other cultures and in one’s own; Willingness to live and study abroad; Open-mindedness for contents of many different subjects and different learning methods; Willingness to be mobile, flexible and resilient


Restricted admission

No, the course is not restricted in admission. Please note, however, that you have to take an aptitude test.


Legal (admission / access) requirements

General university entrance qualification, subject-specific university entrance qualification or professional qualification.

Furthermore, you have to take an aptitude test, which means that you have to apply for the course. The prerequisite for this is the Abitur (grade at least good). For Germans and foreign students with education, language skills at level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for GER.


Application date (s)

The application dates for the "German-Spanish Studies" course can be found on the homepage of the international courses.

Information for foreign applicants


Registration dates

Information on the dates for enrollment and the required documents can be found on the homepage of the student office.


Required language certificates

For foreign applicants DSH.
For Germans and foreign students with education, Spanish language skills at level B2; Acquisition / deepening of a second language during your studies

Information on German language certificates for foreign applicants


Required (application / enrollment) documents

In addition to high school diploma, passport photo, application form, etc., above all a text in Spanish on a given topic

further information on the application documents

Information on the application documents for foreign applicants.


Contact in the faculty

[email protected]