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In Fallout 4, the only survivor can make his own Settlements build and manage in various locations in the Commonwealth. The new workshop interface can be used to place and connect finished structures as well as individual components (walls, floors, roofs, etc.), with which the player can build his own home according to his wishes.

Once built, settlements can be customized. In structures, furniture, decorative objects and lights can be built for aesthetic purposes and outside of structures you can grow crops, extract water, generate electricity and build the defenses of the settlement. Old objects in the settlement can be scrapped to collect the resources needed for construction.

If a settlement reaches a certain size and / or the player has certain extras, you can invite others to open a shop in the settlement, which gives you access to rare or even unique items. It is also possible to set up supply lines to share resources between settlements.

Settlements require constant maintenance, with basic functions such as harvesting crops being carried out by NPCs. However, these will die without the care of NPCs and equipment will have to be repaired after a while, for example turrets. The player must use the workbench and have enough resources to be able to carry out a repair. If the player approaches the broken object, he is given the opportunity to scrap or repair said object.

Most settlements are obtained by completing Minutemen quests; however, other locations require you to visit them beforehand and complete specific quests before they can be used as a settlement.

Settlement sites

There are a total of 37 settlements in Fallout 4 and the add-ons. In addition to the 30 settlements in the main game, there are 1 in Automatron, 4 in Far Harbor, 1 in Vault-Tec workshop and 1 in Nuka-World. The player gets most of them by completing a task or killing enemies in the vicinity of the settlement and opening the settlement workshop. This includes: