How do you effortlessly manifest your desires

How to manifest your desires in three simple steps

Wishes manifest themselves as easily as in a fairy tale.

You are completely relaxed, imagine your absolute dream life and float in seventh heaven when you think about it.

Wouldn't that be a wonderful pastime?

In fact, most people's desires do not come true.


Books on wish fulfillment are booming. The law of attraction *, The Secret *, law of resonance * is googled a thousand times.

You might write yourself the best affirmations *, create vision boards or work on your beliefs.

This is often a lot of work and time consuming.

Most of the time you even forget to work on your wish-fulfillment at all or you only devote yourself to it twice a day because it is laborious.

With this, you are missing out on manifesting your best life.

Manifesting desires should be easy, bring you joy, so that you can hardly wait to dwell in your dream life several times a day.

A simple technique can help you quickly and effectively to manifest your desires.

This technique is a lot of fun, brings you to relaxation quickly and is also a little meditation for you in between.

This technique of manifestation is called: "The cup of coffee". In three steps you can almost casually fulfill your wishes.

Step 1

You are manifesting a cup of coffee

Imagine the best, most wonderful, aromatic, wonderfully fragrant, unique coffee and charge the scene with the best, most intense feelings you can.

  • Feel deep gratitude for this coffee, which is so unique and which is now in your beautiful cup.
  • Enjoy your coffee like it's the best thing you could ever experience in your life.
  • Feel how smooth the black gold runs down your throat and fills you warm and velvety.
  • Inhale the outstanding, extraordinary coffee scent with all your receptors.
  • Feel this noble, exquisite porcelain cup in your hand.

Don't ask yourself who brought you the coffee. You only wish that this great cup of coffee is here now.

Reinforce the feeling a little more of enjoying this perfect coffee, made just for you, right here and now.

Don't just read on, get involved in the game and imagine the world's best, finest coffee.

Don't be like most people.

Most people make a serious mistake when trying to manifest their desires:

You read. Wait. Maybe they'll do it later. Then they wait again for something to happen that inspires them to act.

Really successful people READ and ACT immediately.

So if you just keep reading this text, nothing will change.

Be a doer!

So, when you understand what it is about, take a few minutes and walk now for you through.

Do it until you can smell, taste, feel, and see the unsurpassed, excellent coffee.

Only then does it continue

step 2

Enjoy your fine cup of coffee where you want to be.

Now I'll tell you what this special cup of coffee has to do with manifesting your desires.


Perhaps the most important reason you don't get what you want is because you haven't made it your own with all of your senses.

In order for something material to come to you, you must first take it fully in your imagination, in your mind. You have to take it in with your skin and hair.

How often have you done that with your wishes so far?

That unique cup of coffee that you just imagined effortlessly, that you tasted and saw,

you just have to bring it in connection with your actual desire.

Because coffee is your belief that your wish is true.

As you drink this wonderful cup of coffee, you assume at the same time that your wish has been realized. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to drink the coffee.

Through your acceptance, you give your wish the same intensity as you effortlessly achieved with the wonderful drink.

  • For example, if you want a beautiful house of your own, imagine that you are drinking this great coffee right there in your new favorite place.
  • If you want a dream wedding, imagine that you are on your honeymoon and that you are enjoying this world's best coffee with your dream man.
  • If you want your dream job, imagine that you enjoy this unique coffee with your great team.

Manifesting wishes: You decide how important the cup of coffee is to you in your imagination.

  • Imagine drinking Blue Mountain Coffee * from Jamaica that you brought yourself from Jamaica (which means that you were there 😉
  • Imagine drinking Hawaiian Kona Coffee *, which means that you have been on vacation in your dream land of Hawaii.
  • Or imagine enjoying the Black Ivory Coffee from the Maldives in your new Phantom V.

Do you understand the main attraction of the game?

You imagine drinking that wonderful, unique cup of coffee,

which symbolizes for you at the same time,

that your dearest wish is fulfilled.

And so your wish is true and reality for you.

The more often and more intensely you imagine your dream sequence, the faster and more reliably your wish will materialize in your world.

You will not believe? Then you have certainly not tried this technique (sufficiently) yourself 😉.

Be good to yourself and manifest your life in a mindful and focused manner.

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