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Prize draw: Meet & Greet with the Toten Hosen [Finished]

[Update: The winners have just been notified by email. Hopefully all three will now check their e-mail inbox very quickly and reply so that the rest can be organized. Congratulations on this way.]

You read that correctly: With us you can win a Meet & Greet with the Toten Hosen. More precisely: We are giving away 3 x 2 tickets including Meet & Greet for concerts on the upcoming tour “Laune der Natour” (dates below).

The album "Mood of nature" Der Toten Hosen has hit us as it was to be expected. And the sale of tickets for the shows shows that it was more than well received by the fans. We are all the more pleased that we can make a total of six people happy by not only Tickets for the show of your choice from the Germany dates below, but also in the run-up to the concert meet the Toten Hosen in person become.


If you want to take part in the raffle for the 3 x 2 tickets including Meet & Greet, just write us in the comments why he or she has to get to know the pants personally. We will then determine the winners from all the comments submitted.

The campaign runs until October 29, 2017, midnight. On 10/30 the winners will be determined and notified by email. We then need the names, email addresses and telephone numbers of the winners and of course the place and date of the concert. We pass this data on to the Toten Hosen label so that they can contact you. The data will only be used for this purpose. The Meet & Greet takes place before the concerts.

Otherwise, of course, the conditions of participation for competitions apply. We wish good luck to all participants.

The dates of the tour

  • November 5, 2017, Sun .: Chemnitz
  • November 7, 2017, Tue .: Erfurt
  • November 14, 2017, Tuesday: Hamburg
  • November 17, 2017, Fr .: Bremen
  • 11/18/17, Sa .: Bremen
  • November 21, 2017, Tuesday: Hanover
  • November 24th, 2017, Fri .: Leipzig
  • 25.11.17, Sa .: Leipzig
  • 11/30/17, Thursday: Frankfurt am Main
  • 1.12.17, Fri .: Frankfurt am Main
  • December 5, 2017, Tuesday: Cologne
  • December 6th, 2017, Wed .: Cologne
  • December 9th, 2017, Sa .: Stuttgart
  • December 15, 2017, Fr .: Berlin
  • December 16, 2017, Sa .: Berlin
  • December 19, 2017, Tuesday: Munich
  • December 20, 2017, Wed .: Munich
  • December 25th, 2017, Mon .: Dortmund
  • December 26th, 2017, Tuesday: Dortmund
  • December 29, 2017, Fr .: Düsseldorf
  • December 30th, 2017, Sa .: Düsseldorf

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768 responses to “Raffle: Meet & Greet with the Toten Hosen [Finished]”

  1. I would be very happy to win a Meet & Greet on December 9th, 2017 in Stuttgart! I would like to give this to my mom to simply say THANK YOU! She deserved it so much after this year, because unfortunately she had to take a health setback!
    I firmly believe that a Meet & Greet with your absolute favorite band will significantly advance your healing process :)

  2. Dear Christ Child,

    It's been a long time since I last wrote to you ...
    I hope you haven't forgotten me
    If you visit me, that would be really nice.
    I have several new addresses ...
    The choice is yours and you can decide spontaneously:
    Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne
    (I would prefer to avoid the latter)
    I would like to order you home!
    But now I'm finally getting to the point:
    A meet with the pants would be really awesome!
    That I do that
    I wish that

  3. Make a wish?
    If only that: An old man drinking with his pants to know you’ll never walk alone! Thank you for all these years!

  4. Because I want to surprise my dear mom with it. She did so damn much for me, is always there for me and my very best friend.
    This year she goes to a concert of the dead pants for the first time in her life and invites me to do so too. I would be very happy if I could give her something back and we could meet the band in Bremen on November 17th.

  5. No way is too far for Die Toten Hosen and every new publication has to enrich his collection. For my 50th birthday I was presented with LPs with signatures of the pants from him. Treasures! Moved me deeply. And that's why I would like to give him a pleasure with the Meet & Greet that cannot be bought.
    Because then Christmas and Easter would fall on one day for him.
    And that would be a real “freak of nature”.
    Stuttgart December 9th, 2017 would be awesome.

  6. The Dead Pants!
    Lalalalallaaalaaalaaaallllaaallllaaa! Lalllallaaalllaalalaala
    Laalllllaaaaaalllllaaalllaa! Oi ... Oi. ..Oi. oioioioo Oi!
    Best in Stuttgart!

  7. oh, in the photo I see a band of pensioners and I am terrified now: let me meet the Toten Hosen in person, while it is still possible! ;-)

  8. The pants have always been a part of her life and have accompanied her, whether through difficult times or moments of happiness.

    She helps others, saves lives. Whether at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m., she is always available as a fire fighter 365 days a year. And never asks anything for it, neither money nor a thank you.

    That's why I would like to say thank you to her and would like to fulfill her greatest wish: To meet her pants in person, and not just at a concert on stage.

  9. Because I've always wanted to ask the band how they felt
    at the concerts during the Cold War in the former Eastern Bloc states of the GDR, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Slovenia from 1984 to 1989.

    It was very liberating after the concerts in the Eastern Bloc as the border of the Federal Republic of Germany again
    was achieved?

  10. Having a beer with Campino and the boys would be great, I have adored the pants since I was a teenager and have seen them X times live, but never met them personally, it would be a dream!

  11. I became a fan of the pants in 1983 with “Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder”. Unfortunately, I have never met the boys and the application for a living room concert has not yet worked. Therefore, a meeting at an Alt in the legendary Festhalle in Frankfurt would be on November 30th. the absolute hammer. I hope I am now "On the Crusade to Happiness".

  12. I can't say whether any of the others here didn't deserve it more.
    But a dream would come true if I could hit the pants and then celebrate their songs with a crowd of other fans in Düsseldorf.

  13. Personally, I don't need the Meet n Greet. I hear your music but I'm not that in love.
    My buddy is different. He knocks on the table from below every time he hears your music and I want the cards for him +1.
    I have nothing more to say. Think about it m /

  14. Erin meet and greet with the pants is what I want most. I have known and love DieToten Hosen for more than 20 years and would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the wonderful years that we have experienced together.

  15. Kuddel would have the same hands as me (52) ... that's what my wife (48) always says. That would be the opportunity to create clarity ?! I finally have to check it out ...

  16. For me the pants are much more than just good music. Born in 1974 in the former GDR and lived in what was then the border area, there wasn't so much in the middle / end of the 80s to escape the often dreary everyday life and to imagine the great freedom behind the border fence. Except for the music in the pants. At first you heard the music on cassette tapes (with correspondingly poor quality), but it didn't matter, the imagination replaced the excessively noisy parts. Later, the original sound carriers were bought by grandparents, western parcels and the black market, boundless joy when something crossed the border again. And when listening alone or with friends, to have this exciting feeling again and again of resisting, doing something forbidden and not simply adapting to a wrong system. And that's something, I think, that the Hosen have never lost in the course of their band history: always addressing grievances with their music, drawing attention to them and getting the listener to question their own behavior. Even after the fall of the Wall, the pants have always accompanied me and stimulated reflection with their music. I can't say that of any other band, and I think it's the same for many. I would like to say that to the pants personally. In addition, their live performances are the hottest thing there is in the show landscape. So far I was lucky enough to see almost 20 of them. You feel part of a big family. And as long as your own bones are still doing it: again and again. Pants keep you young ...

  17. I played ice hockey with the Toten Hosen in Füssen (when I was 8 years old), now I want to enable my wife to get to know these horny guys personally :). Preferably in Stuttgart, otherwise no way is too far for us.

  18. Via Geilenkirchen and Kaufbeuren on to a family trip to Stuttgart on December 9th. The pants finally have the opportunity to get to know us.

  19. HOOOSEN, HOOOSEN, HOOOSEN, HOOOSEN, HOOOSEN, HOOOSEN. 12/29 in Düsseldorf would be awesome. HOOOSEN, HOOOSEN, HOOOSEN ... ..

  20. So if not me; who else should have deserved it?
    After all, I didn't even get tickets for Düsseldorf even though I gave everything!

  21. The Toten Hosen's steadfastness of opinion against RIGHT, for years, has made them number 1 for me (next to the authentic and ingenious music). I would like to thank them personally for that, at which concert it doesn't matter, even if Ferropolis is for me as well as mine Living room would be. Keep it up !!!

  22. Yes, why actually ??? There are 1,000 good reasons for me! Because that's what I've wanted since my first pants concert. It was a long time ago, 9.4.89 in Würzburg. The pants have been with me for almost a lifetime on days like these! No matter if Friday the 13th or just visiting. I was always there and the old fever that always comes up when we're together !! Unfortunately, in all these years it never worked out to meet the guys. I would give anything for it ...

  23. How many years. . die toten Hosen was my first concert in 1989. I go on every tour. I would like to have an Altbier with you. .dear brothers. dear sisters. . it would be like Christmas ;-)

  24. The up-and-coming, young, dynamic, unconventional Toten Hosen have become relatively stuffy, old and spoiled for success - just like me :-)))

  25. It all started on the train on the way back from the short vacation during military service with the NVA somewhere in the night at a train station in Berlin with “Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder” from a small radio, it was great and that started the relationship with the pants. Only sparingly on the radio and now and then on western television and after the fall of the Wall finally live as often as possible, Berlin, Cottbus, Riesa, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Woodstock stop, Frankfurt / Oder, etc., the best was the admission control at Conne Island the beer coasters, Breiti and Andi as the inlet. My wife said on every tour how often do you want to go there. Until I got that far and she came with me, she no longer asks how often, now she understands. A meeting in Berlin would be amazing. Anyway, see you soon, hey! Ho !, Lets Go !!!

  26. I have to win the tickets because my girlfriend is crazy about the Toten Hosen and has already attended many, many concerts. The only thing that has been denied her so far is a meeting with the boys. Once a long time ago, we actually met Vom in the Ramones Museum in Berlin and I had the task of photographing her with him ... and I screwed it up. The photos didn't come out and I still have to listen to them today. So please give me the chance to make amends for this shame and to finally immortalize my loved one with the dead pants!

  27. We invited DTH to our engagement party in 2003, but unfortunately nothing came of it. After all the years that we have faithfully accompanied DTH, a meet & greet would be pure madness. Appointments in my hometown Düsseldorf would be a heartfelt wish.

  28. So be a fan of Hard Core Pants for 31 years; tried everything and got no tickets for Düsseldorf.
    I have every song and can sing along with everything without any problems.
    My whole place, my car, my office, 2 tattoos; everywhere with me the pants! So the only thing missing is real!
    Pants, you are the best because your music has made me get up more than once in my life !!!

  29. I would like to give the pants the opportunity to get to know a long-time (over 30 years) fan whom you don't know personally.

    Well; Probably this fan who has been on the road for half his life just wants to say thank you personally for all these years.

    I wouldn't care about the location because I'm at (almost) all concerts anyway.

  30. I'm a little fan of pants. .but my wife wears the pants :-) Since I knew her, and that was a long time ago, she's been a fan of Toten Hosen. Chemnitz and Leipzig are booked soon, so such a direct meeting would be THE surprise !!

  31. Because I would take a very good friend of mine who is an even bigger fan with me and make one of her lifelong dreams come true! :)

  32. Ok, where do you start ... a dream is a dream ... I grew up wearing pants. Vacation by car as a dötzchen to Bavaria, Austria, the sea, always in connection with the pants songs. My dad has been a fan since the first hour! That shapes life. Family trips to fortuna, first .. second .. especially third division on the agenda;) when I was young, took a seat on campino's lap with my little brother in the esprit arena. In the hope the stupid reporter will have the picture printed somewhere… puff cake! Until today I am waiting for a picture with campino and co. An old must of course not be missing🍻
    Dear people, I'm on December 30th. in the ISS dome in düsseldorf, hard-won tickets💪 sweetens my evening😍

  33. Somehow the trousers have been part of us for 15 years, but unfortunately we have never made it together to a concert, among other things because of offspring. Only in 1993, when the Hosen appeared as the opening act for U2, did we see them live in the old Waldstadion; however, we didn't know each other then.
    And now my wife would like to bring her very personal concert hat-trick with three Fridays in a row (November 17th Ina Müller, November 24th Depeche Mode) to the crowning glory and together with me on December 1st. to the Toten Hosen and the men like to meet and get to know each other.

  34. Was my first concert in 1992, I was 13 and “Here comes Alex” was kind of born in my cradle. "Love player", "Opel gang", "Crusade into happiness", "Army of losers" and "Love song", these are the titles of the pants that I still like very much today.

  35. Christmas singing in Dortmund is already booked; if I'm lucky enough to buy tickets, there will be Essen in 2018 and - again - Minden.

    After a tough battle with the keyboard, it was unfortunately not enough for the home game in Düsseldorf; I can now recite all the error messages that your webshop throws out by heart.

    I would be very happy to be able to attend one of the two dates in Düsseldorf. And what better way to end YOUR year than to toast with ME at the Meet & Greet.

    Hey Ho Let's Go!

  36. I am applying for my 16 year old son, whose greatest wish is to get to know Kuddel, Campino, Breiti, Andi and Vom personally: Read his story (which he wrote himself)
    Greetings from Coburg,
    Michel Zahner

    Hey, this is Hannes from Coburg,

    I would really like to get to know “Die Toten Hosen” better. At the age of 4-5 my father gave me the right taste :).
    It all began, so to speak, at home on the sofa as a very small boy with the DVD: “Heimspiel live in Düsseldorf 2005”.
    I grew up with the song “Mehr Davon” and I associate a large part of my childhood with it.
    It is my father and me’s favorite song to this day.
    Then in 2008 the time had finally come: The little 7 year old Hannes was allowed to go to his first Toten Hosen concert in Erfurt.
    The Machmallauter tour at that time was awesome!
    Shouted along with every song lyrics (not changed until today) and finally on Papa’s shoulders down into the interior. From there on it was just a mountain. There were many other concerts like in Dresden, Schweinfurt, Bayreuth, Leipzig,….
    My absolute highlight was in Schweinfurt, July 20th, 2013.
    Here I was allowed to play with Campi Paradies in front of about 25,000 people. Acquaintances came up with the idea of ​​designing a poster with the inscription: "I sing best paradise", and so Campi brought me on stage. At that time I was 11 years old and one evening really big! Despite these huge gigs, I never really got to know the Toten Hosen.It was madness !!! After the concert, when my parents and I wanted to leave the concert and the whole grandstand called my name. Since then I like to cover the birthdays of our pants "fan club" with guitar (acoustic and electric) pants songs. I really enjoy being on stage. Unfortunately I don't have my own band yet, but I've been playing in the school band at my school since the 5th grade.
    My last concert by the pants was in Leipzig in 2015. What an act !. But before that there was great concern as to whether the concert could take place at all because Campi was not doing so well. But they played. As always, I was in the first wave with my parents and celebrated the evening with my pants on.
    Now I'm 15 years old here and now and I'm really looking forward to the “Mood of the Natour” tour.
    The Toten Hosen were and always will be a large part of my life. Don't give a shit what the others say. And so I come to the end:


    Here are some links to the performance “Me and the pants sing paradise in Schweinfurt:

    ... that's why I would like to get to know the dead pants better

  37. Difficult enough getting tickets for the boys at all. And then to meet them, too, makes my heart leap at the thought of it.

  38. Why me? Good question - I don't know.
    But I would have someone on hand who would be very interested in seeing the guys up close. Half of her life she dreams of a Toten Hosen concert and then a few months ago finally managed to see the Hosen in Ludwigsburg with Gerhard Polt and the Well Brothers. A small hall, but so far away when you sit at the back. She has a couple of favorite bands (I'd better not mention the others), but the Hosen are at the top of the list, because "Die Toten Hosen make cool music!"
    She would not pester anyone with questions, would not want to drink beer with anyone and would not tell anything that the boys have heard a thousand times. She would probably just stand there and be amazed and probably not be able to shut her mouth. She just turned 10!

  39. I would like tickets for December 25th. win in Dortmund because they would be the ideal Christmas present for me and my father. My father is the reason why I was able to sing along to the lyrics of the Hosen as a child and the reason for my love for music. That's why I would be very happy about the tickets, because then I would not only meet the Toten Hosen, but also share this unique moment with my dad.

  40. My partner had his entire back tattooed with the dead pants, for that alone he would have deserved to get to know the boys.
    It's just about finally being able to give something back to him. I suffer from multiple sclerosis and I am very dependent on his help in everyday life or is he the person who drives me, comforts me and protects me. He was not interested in my illness from the start, rather he encouraged me to never give up and to always believe in me. He really deserved it as a person and, moreover, their texts make them a constant companion of our relationship. And this year I went to a concert for the first time, of course with my boyfriend and of course with the pants, despite illness. That was really UNBELIEVABLE for me, really, so it would be sooo nice to feel that feeling again at the end of the year!

  41. Because they opened my eyes with the living room tour!
    Hot shit !!
    I just want to meet the guys !!

  42. My record collection without the pants - impossible.
    A concert of pants with meet & greet - unbelievable!

    For this price I would give anything - except my pants vinyl ;-)

  43. Hello,
    I would like to win the meet and greet for Stuttgart.
    Years ago I painted a beautiful picture of Campino and I would like to give it to him on this occasion.


  44. Why would I of all people want to win a meet & greet with the dead pants?
    First and foremost, this is not just about me, but actually I want to make my concert and festival buddy really happy. Why? Let's assume I was sitting with "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and there came a question about DTH, if it were my telephone joker because it could give an answer in my sleep regardless of the question. Because she's probably one of the biggest pants fans in years, I would really like that for her. ♥ ️

  45. 40 years. Yes, I've also been working for the same company for 40 years and my trousers have always dressed me more, sometimes less. We got older together but are still at least at heart punks. I look forward to seeing you again with or without a profit.

  46. There are many reasons why I should win ...
    - because no way is too far for me
    to see the pants (even if it’s
    for that goes halfway around the world)
    - because my "love" for pants
    gets under your skin and I feel proud
    I wear tattoos on my pants
    - because I know every song by heart
    - because I've been to pants so often
    Participated in competitions and unfortunately
    never won
    - because it would be the greatest of all
    - because there is no better band / music
    - because I have one with the second card
    other pants-crazy one
    Can bring joy
    - because I don't know why I shouldn't win! ?? ! ;-) ;-)

  47. Why me?
    My wife and I love going to concerts.
    Last year our Nele was born.
    At the beginning of the year the little mouse also let us go, but unfortunately not anymore.
    She needs mom almost every hour at night.
    I can go, but it's not the same.
    If I win a Meet & Greet for Munich, I would like to have a vinyl signed by the best band for my daughter and my wife. As a thank you for my dearest girls.

  48. Die Toten Hosen have been with me for 34 years now. This makes them an integral part of my life. Unfortunately, they don't know anything about it. It is finally time to tell you personally why that is and thank you for it.

  49. The word for Sunday is for me today: Make a wish. I have 1000 reasons why I want to win the cards. Since I've celebrated a few concerts all these years, I ask myself Wannsee I will finally do it again. 35 years ago I felt half-hearted and turned my system up to the max. I never agreed with my parents but always wanted more of it. I kept contradicting and said: IT HAS TO BE SO LOUD! My first car was an Opel Kadett City, so I felt close to you, as if I were part of your Opel gang. I have often been in the fog, under the clouds, and in the name of the Lord. You are a part of me. To take part would be a nice gift for me, especially because my birthday is in December. I'm already electrified and have travel bug. To be there would mean a good day to fly, true soul therapy, like seeing old friends again. I don't want to belong to the army of losers and of course only come over to visit. I'm already feeling an old fever and hope I'm on the crusade to happiness. The last kiss is for you and remember that everything will pass. Please three words: You are in! I would like to see you in the fashion city of Düsseldorf or at an away game in Cologne or Berlin. If I didn't get a ticket, as I have often done before, I would be outside the door. No matter what happens. According to the motto: death or freedom!
    Until the bitter end, Heidi the whim of nature

  50. A nice competition with a rare opportunity.

    Lots of stories of people connected by a band.

    If I meet DTH before the concert in Stuttgart, I can tell them which songs mean a lot to me.

  51. I work in a KiTa and I would answer the little ones to absolutely irrelevant why-questions: Because I say that! But not possible here, right?!? But I don't want to, I really want to, unfortunately there is not enough time to list all my reasons why I or we of all people. Because I met my very good friend in 2003 on a plane from Madrid to Buenos Aires. This year we were together for the 3rd time in Buenos Aires. And it would be wonderful to personally thank those responsible for all the wonderful moments.

  52. Even if it's too late to take part in the raffle, I want to get rid of my thoughts for a moment because I woke up after dreaming about my pants. It wasn't the first time. Most of the time the dreams end when I realize in panic that I have missed the concert ...: '- (. This time it was preceded by an interesting part. I dreamed that the pants couldn't move into their hotel. Since I was in the When I was close, I made my apartment available without further ado. The whole thing was less like a fan languishing in a favorite band and a place to sleep, but rather like a place to sleep with friends.

    If it ever happened that I got to know the pants in Real Live, I wouldn't treat you like stars, but like people or specifically like friends. Because even if I love your music and am a huge fan, you are first and foremost people like us. I am interested in your life and what you think, how you are backstage and behind the media. Everything else would work out by itself.

    Good luck to all participants who managed to write here by yesterday evening!

  53. Well, it is now more than a quarter of a century ago that I accompanied my daughter to a Toten Hosen concert for the first time. In between there are now some live events with fantastic experiences (positive and negative - Düsseldorf - Wiesbaden).
    Now it's time again that we add another highlight to our previous memories.

  54. Hello would like to meet the guys again. We met in Ibiza at Nina Hagen's wedding - I still have some nice pictures from back then

  55. Better too late than never de would like to win for Leipzig, I would be very happy to see the great band live and up close lg Irene🍀

  56. I was with my son Arno when he was three years old in 1990 at the Top 2000D final concert on the Cannstatter Wasen and he saw Die Toten Hosen live for the first time in his life. Now he's 30 years old and I would go with him again. That's why we need the two backstage tickets for Stuttgart.

  57. Meet & Greet for Frankfurt would be great, because without my pants I can't get to the pants. And Alex will be annoyed ... should I come half-naked. 😉