How did Ahmed Deedat die

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Ahmed Hussein Deedat was a prominent Muslim of the 20th century whose main focus was on arguing against Christian missionaries.

He was born in Gujarat, India in 1918. Plagued by poverty and without a father, he initially lived in his place of birth. In 1926 he learned that his father had emigrated to South Africa shortly after his birth. In 1927 he decided to go to South Africa to be with his father. His mother, whom he left behind, died a few months later in India.

Despite his language barrier and the handicap that he had not attended school before, he started school to learn English at the age of 9 and became a good student. At the age of 16 he dropped out of school because his poverty did not allow him to continue studying. He secured a basic income with various activities.

At the time, the Muslims in South Africa were oppressed. Ahmed worked in a company that also belonged to a Muslim, but Christian missionaries kept coming and insulting the Muslims in such a way that Ahmed felt the urge to do something about this hatred.

Ahmad searched everything in his Muslim employer’s company to possibly find books on Islam and found a book with the title: "Ischaral Hagh" (The Uncovered Truth). This book recorded the counter-arguments of the Muslims against the Christian-colonial missionary movement. In this Ahmed found facts that contained the basis of his knowledge and urge to enlighten.

His newfound zeal led him to buy a Bible to discuss with the Christian missionaries in training. After they could no longer provide him with counter-arguments, he even went to their teachers and priests to debate with them.

Nor did his zeal diminish when he got married and had children. His greatest desire and urge was to protect Islam against the attacks of the Christian missionaries.

He became a founding member of the "Islamic Propagation Center International" (IPCI) and wrote about 20 books, which he distributed millions of times free of charge. He has represented debates with Christian clergymen and held discussions around the world. He also became known for presenting his arguments in a humorous way.

Within Islam, Ahmed Deedat also advocated dialogue between Shiites and Sunnis and called for their unity. He has also given a well-known reading about it with the title "Shia-Sunni-Unity".

In 1982 he traveled to the still young Islamic Republic of Iran and was enthusiastic about the Islamic atmosphere. In his texts he addresses Imam Khomeini with his title "Imam". He said about Imam Khomeini that he was a Qur'an computer and meant that he experienced how Imam Khomeini was able to quote a verse from the Holy Qur'an for every situation. About the Islamic Revolution, Deedat said: "This is not an Iranian revolution, but an Islamic revolution."

In 1996, Ahmed Deedat was marked with a stroke and has not been able to speak since. He died on August 8, 2005.