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Afrojack: "Titanium" was the biggest mistake of my career

An email from Afrojack to David Guetta was his biggest mistake

Published eight years ago on December 9, 2011 David Guetta his fourth single from his album "Nothing But The Beat". Together with the singer Sia "Titanium" developed into a worldwide success and it hailed top ten placements in dozen countries around the world. The song won several gold and platinum records and was for the Australians Sia the first worldwide success while David Guetta celebrated his eighth top 10 success in Germany and his fourth number one in Great Britain with the single.

This was also followed by a very successful remix package for the number in which, among other things Alesso and Nicky Romero contributed - and still is today Alessos Remix can be heard regularly on the world's great stages.

What many don't know about the track: Afrojack co-produced it and describes it as the biggest mistake of his career.

"I think it was like the biggest mistake of my career ... the biggest mistake of my career. Not necessary like 'oh my god my life changed' but by far one of the biggest songs I ever made that I didn’t put my name on "

"Titanium" wasn't "underground" enough

It all started with an email from David Guetta in which the French asked if it was okay if Afrojacks Name on the cover. After all, he would, just like producer Giorgio Tuinfort Incidentally, participated in "Titanium".

But for Nick van de Wall (Afrojacks real name) the song wasn't "underground" enough, as he revealed in an interview with Business Insider. When the track finally came out, however, he quickly realized his mistake and found his reaction naive and arrogant.

When the number had long been a hit, he was often asked about the song - and afterwards he found it kind of silly and childish, but at the time he just didn't want to come across as someone who made pop music just for the money. He was very proud of this track, but didn't want to be put in the wrong light.

Image: David Guetta and Afrojack

Today can Afrojack laugh at his decision back then. But no wonder, since he is now one of the hottest DJs and producers. But he would like to give his email from back then as a little advice to many other artists so that they don't make the same mistake.

You can hear these and many other interesting stories from the Grammy winner on the “This Is Success” podcast, in which Afrojack was a guest last year. From 3:30 minutes on he talks about the “Titanium” story, but later also about famous artists with whom he worked, his beginnings as a musician and producer and much more.

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