Can your ex-girlfriend become your crush

Love: that's what his ex-girlfriend reveals about him

You've had your crush in your sights for a long time and know that they are interested in you too. However, you don't know whether you should really take the next step and question him? What is preventing you from doing this may be the uncertainty of how he is in a relationship. Does he mean business or are you just one of many? To give you a little more clarity, some details and information about his last partnership and ex-girlfriend could help you. He's probably not going to talk about her on his own, which is fine. If he did that, you could leave it right away. After all, you don't want to date someone who is constantly talking about their ex. So you may have to ask him a few indirect questions without him being uncomfortable, so that you can better assess a potential partnership with him. So that you don't have to brainstorm and now create a master plan of what you should ask him, we have selected the top three things you should find out about his past.

1. Your appearance

It is very unlikely that he will voluntarily show you a photo of his ex. Maybe you already know them, and if not, you've probably already harnessed the power of social media and started looking for them. If you feel like you are seeing your reflection in her, then alarm bells should ring for you. Of course, each of us has a loot scheme, but if the similarities are confusingly similar, this can be an indication that he has not yet got over his ex-girlfriend and just wants to comfort himself with you temporarily. But if you see that one looks completely different and doesn't match your appearance, the chances are that he's ready for something new now.

2. The length of the relationship

What kind of relationship did the two of them have? Were they in love for a long time, or was it an on-off partnership that turned out to be more of a casual affair? You can use this information to determine what type of relationship he is. If he was with his ex for several years, you can assume that he will take you seriously as a friend and respect you and that he is also willing to compromise. Besides, he's not someone who gives up quickly and with whom you can imagine a future together. However, if he has had several short affairs, you should reconsider your choice. He may have a fear of commitment and unable to stay with a woman. So if you're looking for something long-term, he's the wrong choice. BUT, it has to be said that many men's attitudes towards relationships can change over time. In fact, you are also able to wrap a heartbreaker around your finger so that he sees you as his absolute dream woman and never wants to let you go again. Here you can find out what his comments really mean and if he is serious about you.


3. The separation

How did they break up? This information may seem superfluous to you, because after all, all that matters is that you broke up, right? Not correct! The way they split up can reveal a great deal about their behavior. If she was the one who pulled the line, you should be extra careful. Men in particular suppress their emotional chaos after the relationship and first like to distract themselves with other things such as flirting, partying and Co. Unlike us women, they realize their pain and loss much later. So make sure his last relationship didn't break up a week ago. If he also talks a lot about her or is still in contact with her, you should avoid him. It looks a little different when he was the bogeyman and ended the partnership. The risk that he will still want something from her is lower in this case.

However, it is also important here why they broke up. If his girlfriend at the time wanted to move in with him after two years of dating and he freaked out and decided to break up, you can assume that the same will happen to you too, since he doesn't want to commit to anyone. Of course, it could also be that he cheated on his ex. This shows you that he can be unfaithful and could abandon you at any time. So before you get involved in a relationship with him, you should keep this information in mind and evaluate it with a clear head.

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