Do we need a video marketing strategy?

Checklist: Is Video Marketing Worthwhile for Your Business?

Companies such as Blendtec, VW and Krones rely on video marketing in their marketing communication and are very successful with it. Other companies often do not dare to approach video production because they see budget, effort and topic as negative challenges. The advantages and benefits of video marketing for companies are definitely worthwhile.

With a careful video marketing strategy, video production is feasible even on a small budget. This post will help companies convince themselves that web videos are a powerful marketing opportunity for you, too, in terms of branding, customer acquisition, and sales growth.

Video Marketing Plan

The keyword "video strategy" should make it clear: Not all video ideas are suitable for publication. Companies need clear planning so that the videos also address and reach the target group emotionally. If companies shy away from the costs of external service providers or high-quality equipment, then often no appealing results can be achieved. If you think you are missing the wealth of topics for videos, then use the video search on Google first. There you will find many sample videos for your or similar topics. Let this inspire you! First of all, think as simply as possible first. A video with a lot of technical terms and a lot of theory is often not very appealing. Attention, but understandable and emotional, is the key to good video marketing.

You can use this checklist to check whether video marketing is worthwhile for your company:

  1. Do you want to create increased trust in your products or in your company?
  2. Do you sell complex services, the benefits of which you do not understand straight away?
  3. Are there any products or processes that require pictorial guidance?
  4. Do you want to present the quality of your products or services?
  5. Would you like to arouse emotions in your customers for a product?
  6. Take a look at your website: is there any product information that text cannot convey?
  7. Are you an entrepreneur (e.g. trainer, consultant, lawyer) who wants to express his expert status and personality through a video?

If you answered “yes” to just one question, video marketing is already worthwhile!

What does video marketing cost?

Companies often think that the production and use of videos costs something in the five-digit range. You can invest that, but you don't have to. There are definitely good and successful offers for the smaller budget.

As a rule of thumb at Hilker Consulting: Web videos can be created from around 2,000 euros. There are no upper limits. Two basic rules apply to the budget calculation:

  1. The smaller the film team, the cheaper the production becomes.
  2. The simpler the content, the cheaper the film can be produced.

For example, our video marketing consultancy offers the following packages:

  • Basic video: With a shooting time of 2 hours and only one location, from 1,590 euros.
  • Convenience video: A two-minute film at two locations with a shooting time of four hours, from 2,690 euros.
  • Premium video: With up to eight hours of shooting time and a game length for your web video of four minutes; Dramaturgically appropriate music will be composed especially and exclusively for your film, starting at € 3,890.

Video Marketing Agency

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If you are looking for professional support for video marketing, then you have come to the right place! When it comes to video marketing with digital marketing such as social media and content marketing with storytelling, then get in touch with us. If you are interested in a video production, simply write us an email.