How does bluetooth technology work 2

Bluetooth: a brief explanation of how it works

The angular logo and the brand name shouldn't be unknown to technology fans - but how does Bluetooth actually work? You can read more about radio technology and data transmission here.

Bluetooth is a radio technology similar to WLAN

The primary purpose of Bluetooth technology is to replace cables, such as the audio cable between your cell phone and a free-standing speaker unit. Instead of using cables, the data transfer with Bluetooth takes place via radio technology. Both the transmitter and the receiver device must have a built-in Bluetooth chip for this - also because of the comparatively low price of these chips, Bluetooth integration is now standard equipment in most portable electronic devices.

Bluetooth works in a similar way to WLAN, but has a shorter range and a somewhat slower data transmission - but the radio technology also uses less power. Bluetooth is therefore particularly suitable for connecting two small devices with one another.

Data transfer via Bluetooth: pairing

To wirelessly couple two portable units via Bluetooth, first ensure that the latest wireless technology software is installed in each case. Then it comes to connecting the devices, the so-called pairing. Pairing works differently depending on the devices used. Sometimes it is enough to press the Bluetooth button with the well-known rune symbol; with other devices, the devices are connected using special software that you call up beforehand.

According to the "Giga" technology portal, you can then also be required to enter a certain combination of numbers which the two devices to be connected use to recognize each other.

(As of November 2015)