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Kinematics and kinetics of multi-body systems


Due to the change in the module structure of the MT course as part of the implementation of the DPO 2010, the kinematics and kinetics of the MKS will in future take place in the summer semester, for the first time in the summer semester 2014. No implementation is currently planned for the 2013/14 winter semester. If many students are interested in the course, a course can be scheduled at short notice.
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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Beitelschmidt


  • The design of mechatronic systems requires adequate modeling of the mechanical components. The event offers an introduction to the theory and application of the model class of multi-body systems.


  • Modeling of multi-body systems
  • Elements of multi-body systems
  • kinematics
    - coordinate systems
    - Inertial-related description
    - relative kinematics
  • kinetics
    - Mechanical principles
    - Basic equations for the rigid body
    - Equations of motion of ordinary multibody systems
  • System analysis
    - Numerical simulation
    - linearization
    - Linear system analysis
    - kinematic and dynamic analysis


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