What does social control mean in sociology

social control

1. Definition
"Social control is understood to mean measures of testing and monitoring against individuals on the part of their primary and secondary groups in order to guarantee behavior in accordance with the norm or to impose sanctions on behavior that deviates from the norm." (Köck & Ott 1997, p. 387).

2. Definition
“Social control describes those processes and mechanisms with which a society tries to induce its members to behave that are positively evaluated within the framework of this society. This happens through internal and external control. ”(Fuchs-Heinritz 1994, p. 368).

3. Definition
Social control is the totality of all social processes and structures that prevent or limit the deviant behavior of the members of a society. (see Hartfiel 1972, p. 355).

4. Definition
Social control is understood to mean all measures and mechanisms that should serve to achieve or increase conformal behavior and prevent or reduce deviant behavior (see Reinhold 1997, p. 362).

5. Definition
The focus of discussions around this term are the interactive processes within a collective, which dictate the “correct” behavior for the collective member. (without author).

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