What does it mean that I ate

7 signs you are not eating enough

Signs that you are not eating enough.

1. No energy

If you just feel exhausted and that add to this for weeks and even sleep problems, you should take a close look at your diet. Nowadays a lot is called an energy source, but number 1 is and will be the calories. You don't have to count them, but you should make sure that the body receives enough calories in the form of healthy, balanced foods, adapted to the body type and activity level. There are apps for this purpose that you can use to calculate how many calories you should be consuming approximately each day. The important thing is: The quality and not the quantity of the calories is what counts! Those who fill their bodies with high-quality protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats will receive energy - for sure.

2. Feeling dizzy

If you don't eat enough, you risk plummeting blood sugar levels and dizziness. Dizziness can also be a sign of dehydration, so drinking plenty of fluids is just as important. If you need a quick kick in such a situation, you should eat a snack made of carbohydrates and protein, for example some almond butter, a handful of nuts or berries or vegetable sticks with hummus. This combination will bring blood sugar levels back up. However, anyone who constantly feels dizzy should speak to their doctor or nutritionist.

3. Difficulty concentrating on "brain fog"

Who knows it? “Where did I put my keys?” Such situations happen to all of us, but those who constantly have “brain fog” can see it as a warning signal from the body - they need food. This fog in the brain can have many causes, but the most common ones are stress, insufficient quality food and no eating routine (too long intervals, blood sugar drops). So if you notice that nothing works anymore, you should think about when she last ate and what it was. And then: Quickly snack on something healthy.

Again, it is not only important to eat “something”, it is just as important that it is good quality food. If you forgot your lunch at home, you shouldn't go to the kebab shop, but buy a large salad from the bakery.

4. Brittle nails and hair loss

This point may come as a surprise to you, but if you don't eat enough and therefore don't consume enough vitamins and minerals, you will quickly notice this on your fingernails, hair and skin. The two are really so closely related. So if you notice deficits, you should pay more attention that enough important nutrients are absorbed and what can strengthen the body from the inside out. Spinach, beans, oatmeal, salmon, eggs, and berries are great sources of hair and nail support.

5. Mood swings

"Hangry" (Hunger-Angry) is an existing emotion! Anyone who has a stressful day and starts it without breakfast will soon fall into a blood sugar hole and so will the mood. Studies have shown that low glucose levels can lead to aggression and violent behavior. So it's true: if you don't eat, you get in a bad mood. Hunger can even cause headaches and migraines.

The best way to avoid this is to always have snacks in your pocket and in your car. Muesli bars, fruit or a pack of nuts are great for keeping the mood up and taking care of the body.

6. Feeling cold

Are you constantly cold? This could be a sign that you are not eating enough. You need a certain number of calories to keep the body warm while it does all other body functions. People who follow a diet don't have lower body temperatures for nothing.

7. Thirst

Making sure you are eating enough is one way to keep your body hydrated through food. If you are thirsty after a meal and want to drink a large glass of water, you should consider whether you have eaten enough.

8. Missing period

You can miss your period for many reasons. Even those who do not eat enough can get this as a warning signal from their body. Women who have eating disorders or athletes often have this problem. If you notice any changes here, look at your diet and your body fat percentage. It may be too low.

So much for my tips and hints. how do you see it? do you know one or more of these symptoms?