How do I get legal advice

Legal advice

To check the legal situation, it is first necessary to collect all available documents. Only those who can substantiate their own representations in a legal dispute have a chance of success.

The individual feeling of "being right" often leads to quick action against people who seem to deny you rights or treat you with an injustice. It should be borne in mind, however, that going to court sometimes very expensive can be.


Therefore, before deciding whether to initiate legal proceedings, you should consider the situation first and foremost have it checked by an independent bodyif there is no legal requirement for the process under consideration. Based on the prepared documents and the description from your point of view, the respective advice center can assess the opportunities and risks for further action.

Facilities that free legal advice can be found under "Legal information" on

In addition, the bar associations in the federal states have certain advice centers "First Legal Information" was set up as a service offer. In a first free orientation talk Help is offered regarding the legal situation and how to proceed in a specific case. More information about Where These consultations take place can be found on the websites of the bar associations of the federal states (→ RAK).

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For all personal designations, the chosen form applies to both genders and thus corresponds exactly to the legal terminology of the civil procedure code in this text (Art. 5 ZPO).

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