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Amazon Prime: All the advantages and pitfalls in 2021

Amazon Prime at a glance

Amazon Prime is a popular premium program from the world's largest online retailer, Amazon. In return for an annual membership fee, Amazon Prime initially only offered shipping benefits - specifically: faster shipping without surcharge - the membership fee now includes a colorful bouquet of benefits on and off the platform, from a wide variety of content packages to exclusive access to particularly good offers for the With "Prime Day" even their own shopping event was launched. Items like fresh groceries (in metropolitan areas) are even only available to Prime members. Amazon is continuously expanding its offering for customers, especially in the area of ​​online services.

All Amazon customers can test "Prime" for one month free of charge, and students even have the entire first year free of charge. Meanwhile, Amazon includes a variety of services, which we present in the following.

Amazon Prime: advantages and disadvantages

Above all, customers who regularly shop at Amazon and also otherwise move around the Amazon ecosystem - for example because they own a Kindle or a Fire tablet, benefit from Amazon Prime. But the offer can also make sense for customers who only shop online occasionally if they make intensive use of all the other offers of the subscription.

The "traditional" biggest advantage for online shoppers lies in the fast and sometimes free shipping as well as in the exclusive offers that are not available to every customer. However, Amazon Prime is of course primarily a measure of customer loyalty. In addition, customers who want to take out a subscription must first find out which services are included in which package.

Amazon Prime services

With Amazon Prime, Amazon offers a variety of services for book, film and music lovers, but also in general for customers who like to shop online. Annual memberships such as Amazon Prime are particularly worthwhile, which means that the products ordered are shipped free of charge. Students pay only half for Amazon Prime Student and can even enjoy a free trial year. To do this, however, they have to accept some restrictions. In total, Amazon Prime currently offers a total of 15 different services.

Amazon Prime advantages at a glance

Prime Music

The streaming service Prime Music offers Amazon Prime members access to more than two million songs. The users can play their own personal radio program and have access to various pre-defined playlists. If you use the Amazon Music app, you can also use Prime Music offline on your tablet or smartphone. As an expanded offer, there is also Music Unlimited. For the additional membership, Amazon Prime members pay a reduced price (7.99 euros instead of 9.99 euros per month), with more than 40 million songs to choose from.

Amazon Prime audiobooks

The Amazon Prime audiobooks form a sub-item of Prime Music. Compared to the audiobooks that are offered for sale on Amazon or the Amazon subsidiary Audible, the range for Prime members is somewhat limited, but you will find a selection of audiobooks from almost all genres. The spectrum of the offer ranges from contemporary literature and novels for children and young people to specialist books that are offered as audio books.

Prime Video

Prime Video offers Amazon Prime members the opportunity to stream unlimited films and series from a rotating range. Both films and series are clearly sorted according to the various genres, so that the search is made much easier. Users can use a watch list to create their own private video library from films and series contained in Prime Video. Analogous to its streaming rival Netflix, Amazon now also produces numerous of its own films and series that can be found exclusively on Amazon Video.

As with music and eBooks, Prime Video does not include all of Amazon's videos. For current blockbuster films and series - such as "Game of Thrones" - Amazon Prime members also have to pay extra again.


Film fans get their money's worth with Prime Video. Amazon has a range of several thousand titles that is regularly updated and expanded. Amazon Prime members have free access to well-known older and cutting-edge films, often before they are seen on free TV. The selection in the film library is made easier by the fact that, in addition to the genre classification, there is also an overview of the most popular films and those that will soon be removed from the program.


Of course, the range of more than 13,000 titles also includes series. Like the films, these are clearly sorted. In addition to the latest series from American production, customers will of course also find a lot of cult series for a cozy series evening with family or friends.


The range of eBooks under Amazon Prime is divided into two parts. The Kindle Lending Library and Prime Reading offer very different amounts of content and services, and the number of compatible devices also differs significantly.

Kindle Lending Library

The Kindle lending library, launched in 2012, contains more than 50,000 eBooks, and Amazon Prime members can borrow one title per month. Reading the borrowed eBooks, in addition to "lighthouses" such as Harry Potter, mainly titles from independent authors (self publishers), is only possible on the eBook readers and tablets of Amazon's tablets, i.e. on devices from the Kindle and Fire product families.

Prime Reading

In the summer of 2017, Prime Reading added to the range of the Kindle lending library, which is still available. There are three important differences: Firstly, Prime Reading has no limit on lending (lending library: only one eBook per month), and secondly, Prime Reading also works with reading apps on iOS and Android devices (lending library: only KindleeBook Reader and Fire Tablets). Thirdly, the range of the Kindle lending library is 100 times larger: Prime Reading contains around 500 titles that rotate every three months; as I said, the Kindle lending library has more than 50,000. But Prime members can only borrow one book per month.

For frequent readers who want a larger selection, Amazon naturally also has the right offer. With Kindle Unlimited, more than a million eBooks are available for inclusive reading at a monthly price of 9.99 euros (after a free trial month).

Amazon Prime membership and costs

All persons of legal age who want to use the offers exclusively for private purposes can take out an Amazon Prime membership. Commercial use of the services and offers is expressly prohibited. Interested parties have the option of purchasing membership for EUR 8.99 per month or EUR 69 per year, with annual membership offering a free trial month. Membership can be terminated at any time at the end of the respective term.

Amazon Prime memberships at a glance

Amazon Prime for students

For students, Amazon grants a kind of educational discount: You can test the Prime membership for twelve months free of charge and can use the free premium shipping, get a Tell-a-friend voucher for five euros and enjoy a 20 percent higher surcharge for used media, i.e. books, films, TV series and games. There are also discounts for the "Morning Express" shipping option and the streaming of series and films. In addition, Amazon Prime for Students members will see the lightning deals earlier. Once the probationary year has expired, students only pay half the price for membership as long as they are studying.

Try Amazon Prime

Anyone interested in Amazon Prime membership and the services associated with this offer can choose between a monthly and an annual subscription. With the annual subscription you save around 30 percent compared to the monthly subscription, and there is also a free trial month. In addition, these Prime members have a free trial month in which they can extensively test the premium offer of the online mail order company. This is particularly worthwhile for Amazon customers who not only like to shop online, but who have also used the music, film and series offers intensively for a fee.

Amazon Prime Hardware

Prime members do not need their own Amazon devices except for borrowing books from the Kindle library. However, you should make sure that your computers meet the - quite moderate - system requirements in order to be able to use the music and video offers of the Amazon Prime services.

Cancel Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime membership can be canceled in just a few steps. The relevant point is located in the "My Account" tab in the "Settings" area. If you want to end a regular membership, simply click on "End membership". If you want to cancel your free trial membership, click on "Do not renew" in the same place. All Benefits included with Amazon Prime can still be used after cancellation for as long as the full or trial membership is running.

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