Where can I buy food coloring

Where can I buy food coloring?

A cake, for example, can be as colorful as the rainbow. Hobby bakers and cake fans always like to try something new and that includes a colorful cake. With food coloring you have the possibility to make your baking creations an absolute eye-catcher. Whether green, blue, yellow or red: the color palette is filled to the brim. But where do you get the bright colors from?

Colorful baking with food coloring

There are no limits when it comes to baking. Everyone can let off steam, from fondant to sugar fonts to glitter. So also with food coloring! Whether a parrot cake, princess muffins or a unicorn cake colorful baking creations surely everyone would like to try a piece.

There is also the option of groceries to color with other foods. Should, for example, nuts red colored, then you can use them in Beetroot Juice immerse. Blueberry juice colors for example purple and the brew of cooked spinach leaves dough green discolor. However, you have to keep in mind that with natural coloring agents the result will not be as intense as with artificial food colors.

You can buy food coloring from these vendors

If you are looking for food coloring, you will find it in the Baking department many supermarkets. For example, you can find liquid food coloring in tubes from Dr. Oetker. But there are also powdered food coloring. Those who prefer powder can, among other things, look out for the company "Brauns Heitmann", which is with their product "Crazy Colors" ideal for baking a rainbow cake. In terms of price, the packs for food coloring are usually between € 2.50 to € 3.50.

You can buy liquid food coloring from the following retailers, among others:

  • Market purchase
  • Rewe
  • Edeka
  • Kaufland
  • famila
  • real
  • Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof

For example, powdered food coloring is available from these retailers:

Also in some Pharmacies Food coloring found in different forms like powder or liquid. Please consider that there may be regional differences. It can also happen that not every branch has food coloring in its range.

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