Provide food for pigeons

German animal welfare association wants to shake up the authorities
Corona crisis: are many city pigeons now threatened with starvation?

REGION (pm / vs) - The same applies to the city center of Nuremberg or Fürth: The corona virus is currently causing almost deserted inner cities and thus also threatening the lives of city pigeons. The German Animal Welfare Association has written a press release on this issue.

The animal rights activists fear that thousands of animals will starve to death, as the closure of restaurants, cafes and snack bars will reduce the amount of leftover food that the pigeons use as a source of food. With the appeal to ensure the supply of city pigeons, the association is therefore addressing the cities - especially those who have not yet established an effective pigeon management system.

Loyalty to the location as a curse

“Since pigeons are very faithful to their location, they will not leave the city centers and starve to death if they are not provided with food soon. Since it is the breeding season, many young animals will also die in the nests if their parents can no longer feed them, ”warns Leonie Weltgen, specialist in the protection of species at the German Animal Welfare Association. “It is clear to us that the large number of city pigeons is a problem in many places. The cities must not allow the animals to die in agony. The ancestors of the city pigeons were once bred by humans - so we have a special responsibility for these animals. "

More controlled feeding points

In the current situation, the German Animal Welfare Association calls on the cities to set up adequately controlled feeding points where the pigeons are provided with species-appropriate feed, such as maize, grains or seeds. The city could commission individuals to take care of the animals - employees of the public order office, animal rights activists or other voluntary helpers. General feeding bans, as they apply in many cities, are generally against animal welfare without an alternative feed offer from an animal welfare point of view. In the current emergency situation, it would be advisable not to prosecute violations of feeding bans as an exception, provided that species-appropriate feed is used. “Protecting the animals from impending starvation must now be the top priority,” said Weltgen.

A lack of management is fatal to pigeons

Because the food of city pigeons is rare and inappropriate even under normal conditions, the German Animal Welfare Association is pushing for effective pigeon management as part of its #RespektTaube campaign. “Ideally, the animals receive food and water in specially built dovecotes, and nesting places are also made available to them. Eggs that have been laid can be exchanged for plaster of paris and the number of pigeons can be reduced in a way that is appropriate to animal welfare, ”explains Weltgen. "In times of Corona, the pigeons must at least be provided with food so that the inactivity of most cities in recent years does not become their undoing."

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