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Plagiarism allegation against CDU MPs : Frank Steffel loses his doctorate

The Berlin CDU member of the Bundestag Frank Steffel will have to forego his doctorate in the future. The Free University of Berlin (FU) announced this on Monday. The presidium's decision was unanimous and the decision was sent on Monday. The move marks the end of a dispute between the FU and Steffel that has been going on since November 2017.

Steffel denies intent to deceive

In support of its decision, the FU stated that Frank Steffel was accused of not having marked literal or almost literal takeovers as such in numerous places in his work. It is true that Steffel gives a source for each of the passages checked by the committee. "However, it is not evident that he has literally or almost literally inserted texts by other authors into his dissertation and to what extent."

Steffel, in turn, had pointed out in his statement that he had no intent to deceive. Nevertheless, the examination board and the presidium of the Free University of Berlin affirmed "taking into account all statements an at least partially deliberate deception and a violation of the requirement of scientific honesty."

Legal action is open

Steffel himself described the decision as "surprising" in a press release sent shortly after the announcement. He referred to a written confirmation from the Legal Office of Freie Universit├Ąt on April 27, 2018, according to which all takeovers had been backed up with references. In a letter dated February 1, 2019, the committee once again confirmed that "a source will be given for every quote checked by the committee in the work," explained Steffel. His lawyer accused the FU examination board of having treated Steffel "biased".

An action against the decision is possible before the administrative court. Steffel announced that he would make use of this right and continues to refrain from actively using his doctorate.

Retreat in Reinickendorf

Most recently, Steffel caused a sensation within the CDU with the announcement that he would not run again for the district chairmanship of the Reinickendorf Christian Democrats. After 18 years in office, Steffel clears the way for Frank Balzer, the incumbent mayor of the district. Balzer is expected to be elected to succeed Steffel on February 22nd.

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