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What helps against nausea? The best home remedies

Nausea is one of the nastiest ailments that can affect you - because you feel like a pile of misery. And you just want to know: What helps against nausea?

Nausea can have a variety of causes. It can occur as a result of eating too much or drinking too much alcohol. In this case, it just helps to wait until the stomach has digested the food or drink. Often, however, nausea is also a side effect of gastrointestinal diseases or a food intolerance.

But infectious diseases, migraines or pregnancy can also make us feel sick. Anyone looking for an answer to the question "What helps against nausea" must first find out where the nausea is coming from.

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What helps against nausea? The best home remedies

Unfortunately, in most cases, it doesn't leave a feeling of dizziness in the stomach. Those who suffer from nausea usually also have sweats and feel dizzy. Often - but not always - the brain's vomiting center is activated and you vomit. So it's no wonder that one wonders how to get rid of the nausea quickly.

The good news: There are a few effective home remedies for nausea. So you don't have to reach for the pill to feel better. Relaxation, fresh air, and calm breathing through your nose can also help calm a troubled stomach and combat nausea. Important: If your condition has not improved after two or three days, a doctor should be consulted.

In most cases, the nausea can be relieved quickly and effectively with special home remedies. Here come the best helpers:

# 1 ginger helps relieve nausea

Ginger is a miracle cure for gastrointestinal diseases. The tuber contains special pungent substances (gingerols and shogaols) that suppress nausea and at the same time promote digestive function.

If you like, you can cut slices from the tuber and brew them as tea. This tea is a great and easy home remedy for nausea. Drunk in small sips, it calms the troubled stomach.

Tip: Ginger is also available dried (for example here on Amazon *) or as drops. So you don't always have to have a fresh tuber at home.

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# 2 Deep breaths relieve nausea

A very simple trick can help with mild nausea: Take a deep breath, preferably in the fresh air. This is especially helpful if the nausea comes from eating too much or drinking too much. Speak when you have a hangover.

If your nausea is very strong, you should breathe in and out calmly and long through your nose. Focus on your breathing and try to relax as you go. Especially those who suffer from circulatory problems such as dizziness in addition to nausea can benefit from deep, calm breathing.

# 3 Herbal tea as a home remedy for nausea

Fennel-anise-caraway or chamomile tea (you can get it here at Amazon *) are also household remedies that help with gastrointestinal problems - including nausea. Simply drink one or two cups in small sips. If possible, the tea should not be sweetened and not be too hot.

Depending on where your nausea is coming from, mint tea can also help. But be careful: the menthol contained in mint tea can irritate the attacked stomach. Anyone who is plagued by nausea due to an inflammation of the gastric mucosa or an irritable stomach should better avoid peppermint tea. Fennel-anise-caraway tea is the better choice here.

# 4 Eating lightly can relieve nausea

Even if it sounds paradoxical: Eating can help against nausea. Especially when it comes to hangover nausea. A hangover breakfast can ensure that the dull feeling is relieved and that the circulation stabilizes.

Certain foods can also help with nausea caused by an upset stomach. Important here: You should avoid fatty or spicy foods and use light foods instead. This means easily digestible food that does not additionally irritate the gastrointestinal tract. For example, gruel, mashed bananas or rusks are ideal when you feel sick.

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If home remedies don't work: anti-nausea medication

If the home remedies do not help against the nausea, you can also get special, over-the-counter drugs from the pharmacy. These include the so-called antiemetics and prokinetics. A popular drug that provides quick relief against nausea is, for example, Vomex.

Its disadvantage: it can make you tired. Since you should lie down and relax when you feel sick anyway, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

What helps against nausea during pregnancy?

In the first trimester of pregnancy, many expectant mothers fight against nausea - in the morning, but also throughout the rest of the day. It's all the hormones to blame. Since many drugs are taboo for pregnant women, the question quickly arises, what instead helps against nausea?

  • A good home remedy to use in pregnancy is Camomile tea.
  • Eat small, well-tolerated meals several times a day and make sure that the blood sugar level does not drop too much. This can lead to nausea and circulatory problems.

By the way: Ginger tea can also be an effective home remedy for nausea during pregnancy. But: The spicy tuber is suspected of promoting labor. Therefore, you should only use the home remedy sparingly. Particular care should be taken with high-risk pregnancies. You should discuss in advance with your doctor and / or your midwife whether you can relieve your nausea with ginger tea.

What helps against morning sickness?

It helps against morning sickness if you have one before you get up zwieback or a disc crispbread eat. A slice of dry white bread or a banana can also ease morning sickness.

What helps against nausea in children?

If your offspring complains of nausea, you should first refrain from medication and rely on tried and tested, gentle home remedies. These home remedies work against nausea in children:

  • Soothing tea: Since most children don't like ginger tea, you should bring it with them Fennel anise caraway tea or Camomile tea try.
  • Drink a lot: In children, nausea is often accompanied by vomiting and abdominal pain. Make sure that you drink enough. Otherwise the little ones quickly dry out (dehydrate).

When do I have to go to the doctor with my child?
If nausea and vomiting do not subside and other symptoms such as fever occur, you should definitely consult a doctor.

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What helps against travel sickness?

Off on vacation: for most, this is a reason to be happy. But who is under Travel sickness suffers and constantly fights against malaise in the car, bus, plane or on the ship, the trip becomes a horror trip for him.

One of the reasons for travel sickness is the organ of equilibrium in the inner ear, which sends data other than the eye to the brain and thus causes confusion.

These tips will help against travel sickness:

  • In the car: drive yourself or look straight ahead
  • On the plane: sit in the middle
  • Chew fresh ginger or take it in lozenge form
  • Breathe calmly through your nose
  • take special travel tablets

Important note at the end: The content of this article is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for a doctor's diagnosis. If you have any uncertainties, urgent questions or complaints, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

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