How do I wear a transparent sweater

Melrose 3/4 sleeve sweater with transparent stripes

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Overall good price / performance ratio.

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Very nice and feminine sweater. The color is a little lighter / more abricot than in the picture. The fit is perfect, except for the length, which I think is too long. The fabric is comfortable to wear. However, the material starts to smell as soon as you sweat a bit.
I still have the sweater in cash, because you rarely get such beautiful warm colors for the spring type.

by a customer from Leutenbach 05/22/2016 Reviewed article: Color: apricot, size: 32, variant: normal sizes Do you think this rating is helpful? Report review
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Very nice sweater

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I bought the sweater in size 38 / plum and think it's very beautiful. The color is wonderful and the transparent stripes are simply an eye-catcher. The size is like a 38. Fits well, but not too tight. The fabric is pleasantly soft. I've washed it several times and the quality is convincing. No entering or the like. I will consider ordering it in a different color. Price / performance is just right!

by a customer from Lueneburg 11/19/2016 Reviewed article: color: plum, size: 38, variant: normal sizes Do you think this rating is helpful? Report review
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Absolute disappointment!

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The reviews are so different here that I was hoping to get something decent, as it looks in the photo ...
According to the size chart, chest size, I should have taken a 36, ​​but as a precaution, because I already know the problem with sizes at Otto, I took the smallest size 32. And yet it was too big overall. I would say the 32 is a 36. Then it would be tight like in the picture.
The cut was on my shoulders, armpits not at all. There it would be a 38/40.
The black fabric is strangely thick, which doesn't harmonize at all with the "translucent fabric areas". Overall, the top is also very long, you could pull it to the middle of your butt.

If you want it relaxed, have broad shoulders, have big arms and are looking for a very long top, you will find it here, otherwise I would advise against it. Something went wrong here when editing!

by a customer from Freiburg 04/12/2019 Evaluated article: Color: black, Size: 32, Variant: normal sizes Do you think this rating is helpful? Report review
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