What is the Columbia GPA Scale

Student exchange USA - grade conversion

Discover the world with the school exchange adventure: Claus-Daniel Bartel wrote “The best year of my life. One year as a guest student “summarized personal experiences as an exchange student in the USA: Here you get an overview of which school grades are available in the USA and how these are comparable with German grades.

Unfortunately that is Grade conversion complicated, and there are no standard or official conversion methods. While we use numbers from one to six, America uses the letters A to F. A for the best and F for the worst. From A to F you count six spaces, but there are only five notes: A, B, C, D and F.
The principle of relative performance, which we are familiar with, generally applies in the USA; occasionally (but mostly in high schools) the grades are also awarded according to the absolute performance. The GPA (Grade Point Average) shows the total average performance. For each semester there is an overview of the current grades and the GPA calculated from them. The best GPA is 4.0. On my High school For a GPA of over 3.5 there was a certificate of recognition and an additional honor if you are still in a sport.

Grade conversion

Grade In percent GPA German note
A +   100-98   4.0   1,0
A.   97-93   4.0-3.7   1,2
A-   92-90   3.6-3.5   1,3
B +   89-88   3.4-3.3   1,7
B.   87-83   3.2-2.9   2,0
B-   82-80   2.8-2.5   2,3
C +   79-78   2.4-2.3   2,7
C.   77-73   2.2-1.8   3,0
C-   72-70   1.7-1.5   3,3
D +   69-68   1.4-1.3   3,7
D.   67-63   1.2-0.9   4,0
D-   62-60   0.8-0.7   4,3
F.   59-0   0.6-0.0   5,0-6,0

From: "The Best Year of my Life" Daniel Bartel