We currently have the same opportunities

Federal political priorities
Equal opportunities for women and men

Fair opportunities for women and men

Women and men should have the same opportunities in all phases of their lives. That is why we have to start with social organizational structures - for example in the world of work. Because women are still much worse off here: On average, they earn less than their male colleagues. They are less likely to be found in management positions. And it is difficult for them to return to their old job after a family break.

Measures and goals

A wide range of measures are required to combat the causes of unequal opportunities in professional development - you can find an overview here. These include those who allow more time for family responsibility, as we succeeded in doing with the "father months" for parental allowance. But also measures that integrate time for family into working life, like the family care time that I introduced. And last but not least, a policy of fair opportunities in professional life also requires declaring war on male-dominated corporate culture. That is why I launched the “Women in Management Positions” step-by-step plan and the FlexiQuote. In addition, there is the “Family-conscious Working Hours” initiative, the “Prospect for Re-entry” action program and the “Logib-D” program to improve equal pay.

For a new policy for boys and men

Modern gender equality policy must not only include women’s policy, it must also take into account the living environment of boys and men. That is why I advocate an independent policy for boys and men that enables men to define their role in family and society for themselves. But it also asks what special support needs boys have nowadays, as the "Advisory Council on Boys Policy" appointed by me is currently researching. Only through the interplay of all measures can it be possible to achieve social equality between women and men - not as equality of results, but as equality of opportunity!