Why do we wear raincoats

Raincoats: We wear these trend models in autumn

Raincoats have long ceased to be one of the no-gos in the fashion world, but have now become real all-rounders, as do we like to take them out of the closet when the weather is good. No wonder, because the current models are boring follow the autumn trends like plaid or animal printorientate, Definitely not. We have selected the four hottest styles for you and explain how to style them. We have also linked the most beautiful models for post-shopping at Amazon Fashion!

1. Transparent

We really want these raincoats! After transparent bags and umbrellas, we are totally into the trendy transparent rain jackets. The good: You can really wear them with everything and at the same time you don't have to do without your favorite outfit, because you can see it through the transparent fabric. So you are always stylish, but still weatherproof on the go. Patterns or prints, which we prefer to wear as casually as Djane Peggy Gou, provide additional accents on the coat.

2. Bright colors

If you like it a bit more eye-catching and colorful, then you should have a raincoat in one strong red or pink tone such as the Friesennerz model, which will put you in a good mood even in bad weather. It is best to wear one of the current jeans models and a couple of waterproof boots.

3. The classic yellow raincoat

It's back: the all-time favorite of raincoats - and we'll find them classic outdoor models that are reminiscent of seafaring and northern Germany,really cool. We bring the yellow jackets with us from the summer festivals into autumn and stand out from the crowd in cloudy weather.

4. Prints, prints, prints

Street style stars like Caro Daur show how it is done: raincoats with prints - such as the model with stripes by Michael Heinen - are real eye-catchers and hardly distinguishable from "normal" coats. That's just one of the reasons why we like to wear these models in the sunshine. It doesn't get any cooler than this!

You now also want to buy one of the stylish raincoats? We have linked the most beautiful parts to you in the picture gallery.

  1. Striped raincoat by Michael Heinen via Amazon Fashion for around 80 euros
  2. Green rain jacket from Derbe via Amazon Fashion for around 140 euros
  3. Yellow rain jacket from Cloom via Amazon Fashion for approx. 20 euros
  4. Pink raincoat with dots from Lohome via Amazon Fashion for approx. 47 euros
  5. Dotted rain jacket from Finejo via Amazon Fashion for approx. 20 euros
  6. Pink rain jacket from iClosam via Amaon Fashion for around 30 euros
  7. Yellow raincoat from Batela via Amazon Fashion for approx. 99 euros
  8. Blue rain jacket from Peak Time via Amazon Fashion for approx. 70 euros
  9. Pink hooded jacket from Btruely via Amazon Fashion for approx. 20 euros
  10. Red raincoat from Friesennerz through Amazon Fashion for around 120 euros

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