How do I edit the Windows registry 1

Windows 10: Open, edit, repair registry - that's how it works


The Windows 10 registry manages all configurations of the operating system as a database. We'll show you how you can use the Regedit system tool to open and edit the registry and how to repair it if you have problems.

As a central configuration database, the Windows 10 registry saves important settings and parameters for Windows itself and for installed programs. In this database, also known as the Windows registry, hierarchically sorted registry keys are used, in which Windows 10 stores all important data on the corresponding part of the operating system.

The registry and its keys can be opened and edited with the native registry editor called Regedit. But there are also tools from other providers. We will show you how you can open and edit the Windows 10 registry with Regit and repair problems in another way.

Repair Windows 10 registry

If your Windows 10 registry was damaged by a program, a computer crash, or by yourself, you can use System Restore to restore an earlier version.

Third-party registry tools

Instead of using Regedit, you can also search or edit the registry using tools such as RegSeeker, RegScanner or Regshot. In our download area you will also find a whole range of other registry tools.

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