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Quarters for people in Eimsbüttel

Eimsbüttel is one of the most densely populated districts of Hamburg. Often people have to submit to car traffic. This is where the QuartiereFürMenschen campaign comes in. Let's make the available space in Eimsbüttel more livable, more child-friendly and more versatile! In the map below you will already find initial suggestions for redesigning the street space in residential areas.

Do you have an idea too? Then get actively involved and put your suggestion on the card. The district will thank you!

Suggestions for traffic calming in Eimsbüttel

What's behind it?

QuartiereFürMenschen is a project of the ADFC district group Eimsbüttel. We would like to see less car traffic in our residential areas around Osterstraße in Eimsbüttel. How nice would it be to stroll through the district, linger or ride a bike - with more space, peace, security and fewer moving and stationary cars. We want to recapture our quarters for people!

The problem is that many motorists use the streets through our residential area as a shortcut between the main roads. We want only those drivers who have their destination there to drive into the neighborhood.

In the map above, we have made initial suggestions for several places to prevent passage and to calm the remaining car traffic. We want to show how rooms in the quarter can be redesigned and used differently and initiate a debate on this.

We cordially invite you to comment on the suggestions directly on this website and to add your own ideas for the redesign.

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About the ADFC Hamburg

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As a bicycle lobby, the ADFC Hamburg is committed to the consistent promotion of bicycle traffic in our city - through transport policy work, various events and campaigns, services for cyclists and public relations.

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