How can we make wiki submissions

Make annotations easier

The OU-Wiki offers a wider range of uses thanks to new, exciting functions. This is particularly striking here Annotation system (must be activated in the wiki settings) shows that the "precise" writing of inline comments is possible without having to activate the edit mode of a wiki page. The comments can be written and read with a click directly at the point in the text to which the respective comment relates. This eliminates the classic "spatial separation" of text page and comment / discussion page in the wiki.

Use wiki structure and content more sustainably

For scenarios in which lecturers create a wiki with start and sub-pages and, if necessary, also with prefabricated content before using it in the course, the Work with templates a great relief. The already structured and filled wiki can be saved as a template on the “Overview” page and imported when creating additional wikis in the same format or in the repeated course in the following semester, so that the structure and content do not have to be recreated. This could be used, for example, for project work in groups, which should be planned and documented in a wiki in a comparable form. But even wikis that are to be created over several seminars on the same topic can be saved at the end of a semester as a template for continuation in the coming semester and uploaded to a new wiki. The user entries that would be lost if the wiki were copied conventionally are retained and correctly integrated into the new wiki by the user "system" in terms of data protection law.