How do I write a prayer

Write peace prayer yourself

by Esther Koch

On the 3rd Advent there are countless broadcasting celebrations in which the light of peace is distributed to many people and reminds them of their mission to work for peace every day.

Because we also express the desire for peace in the mission celebrations in common prayer.
Writing your own prayer for prayer or worship is very easy, because there are no rules that you have to adhere to. One can pray to God as it comes to mind.

Nevertheless, what is great freedom on the one hand can be great difficulty on the other. Sometimes it's easier when you have a railing to hold onto - even when praying. Therefore, here is a small railing that you can shimmy along:


Most prayers begin with addressing God.
God can be addressed in different ways:
"Jesus, brother"
"Father in Heaven"
"Good God"
"Creator of the Earth"
If you don't have an idea of ​​your own at the moment, you can simply take one of the modules suggested here.


Between the beginning and the end of the prayer comes the actual content, i.e. what you want to say to God. Here, too, you can formulate freely.
There are two basic forms that are used very often: the thanks and the request.
In a prayer for a peacetime devotion, the request will predominate:

  • The plea for oneself that one never gets tired of working for peace.
  • The request for your own group, because tribe, family or class, that we can achieve peace on a small scale and that we can end arguments.
  • And the plea for the wars in the world that the mighty take their responsibility and keep the arms silent, that God stands by the victims of the wars and provides them with people who support them.

Don't put yourself under pressure. Neither a certain length nor a particular language is important. If you're struggling to find words, you can also look to the help desk prayers for inspiration.


Most prayers end with “Amen”. That means something like “So be it” or “So be it”. It reinforces your own words and the others now have the opportunity to agree with their own amen.

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