Why can't I learn VIM

How can a beginner learn Vim just with Vim on their own?

As a beginner with no vi experience, how can I learn to use Vim only with Vim itself? Is there a built-in tutorial and how can I access it?

Suppose I have a laptop with Linux and Vim installed and no internet connection.


is a program that comes with Vanilla Vim installations. It's a 30-minute tutorial program that explains the basics of vim. On * nix systems, you generally only need to run from the command line. Unix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso available if you prefer a GUI version.

On Windows is in (usually something similar or similar). By default, GUI vim is used on Windows. pass if you want to force the use of console vim. At least under Windows 8 you can also simply search for "vim tutor" in the start menu (without quotation marks, of course) to open the tutor.

You can learn Vim by reading top down. When you type it looks like this:

As you can see, it starts with the basics like getting around, jumping on topics and back, and so on. If you scroll down a little, this list of documents becomes visible:

You can use the navigation tips given above (and to follow a link) to access the sections, e.g. B. ab. (This is actually how I learned Vim.)

As others have mentioned, this is a good place to start. You can improve your knowledge and understanding of the Vim philosophy. Not only is this brilliant, but it's surprising and pleasantly intuitive.

However, I would like to continue to use an example to draw a parallel on how one should approach learning.

When we are born we are as good as immobile. We need to be carried where we need to go. Our legs and arms slowly develop muscles. Over time, we learn how to use them and how to precisely control them in order to use them and begin to crawl so that we can explore our surroundings on our own. As we continue to grow and build more muscle, strength, and coordination, we start to run, and with a little more of that we will eventually be able to run. You may think this is the end, but after feeling able to walk where we want to go, we need to keep going and realizing that more tools (different vehicles) are required, going further and faster.

Learning vim IMO should be similar in that you should learn enough that you can allow your mind to grasp quickly and with practice it would invade your muscle memory and become second nature, that would be the time for you learn more tricks and repeat the cycle.

After spending enough time and effort to understand and develop the philosophy of Vim so that you can remember your muscles, you will become frustrated with how painfully slow and terrible it is to use other applications and editors, who have no support for Vim imitation.

You can learn the basics by running from the command line. This ships with vim and provides a basic interactive tutorial on how to use it.

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