What is chewing gum

chewing gum

With some chewing gum bubbles can be made, which then burst like a balloon at some point.

Chewing gum is a soft mass that we can chew for several hours without disintegrating. Most chewing gum is sweet, but there are also sour or spicy flavors. That depends on the flavorings contained in the chewing gum. They ensure the long-lasting taste.

Nowadays, plastics are mainly used as raw materials. It used to be tree resins such as spruce resin. To this day, chewing gum is also made from rubber, which in turn is obtained from the milky sap of the rubber tree and is mainly found in car tires. If chewing gum does not contain any sweetener, i.e. no artificial sweeteners, then at least half of it is often made up of sugar. Other ingredients include agents that keep chewing gum moist, acidic, or give it a color.

When you chew, the brain receives more blood and oxygen. In addition, the brain is stimulated and “kept awake” because there is a dense network of nerves in the mouth that are connected to the brain. But chewing gum can also relax you. If you chew gum frequently or for a long time, the air you swallow can cause gas in your stomach, and the sugar can damage your teeth. In the vast majority of cases, swallowed chewing gum is harmless. It doesn't stick to the stomach, but is excreted again.

Even in the Stone Age, people chewed certain tree resins. The first chewing gum factory was a good 150 years ago. In the beginning, balls were sold that had no taste at all. Later chewing gum was also offered in strips and with flavorings and sugar.