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Betting with the Paroli system: blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps


Whether blackjack, baccarat or roulette - many players in online casinos don't just rely on a little bit of luck, but rather pursue a targeted strategy to hopefully help their success a little. There are a number of systems that are supposed to work best with this, but what is the best strategy for getting the most out of the mission?

In this article, we would like to take a closer look at the Paroli system. What kind of betting strategy is this anyway? And for which games can it be used? To do this, we first have to know how the Paroli strategy works and the basic principles the player must act on.

Additionally, we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of betting with the Paroli system. Especially when compared to other strategies, it is helpful to know where the strengths, weaknesses and profit opportunities of the respective system lie. And how can you apply it later? You will also find suggestions for this in this article, as we explain the use of the Paroli system for blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps.

How does the Paroli strategy work?

It sounds crazy to you to double your stake after a win and put your winning streak to the test again? However, it is precisely this approach that is the basis of the Paroli strategy. It is therefore often referred to as the exact opposite of the Martingale system, in which the stake is pushed up after a loss. How it all works in detail, what probabilities are behind the system and how the chances of winning change, you can find out in the following sections.

It is agreed that the Paroli system has its origins in a popular card game of chance called "Pharo" or "Pharao" from the 18th and 19th centuries. We don't want to go into the rules of this game here; It is only important that a player - if he won with his stake - bet it again in the next round instead of cashing it. This game action was called Paroli. In the event of another win, the player could look forward to tripling his stake - a worthwhile achievement. The approach used at the time is quite comparable to the current one, as we shall see in a moment.

The procedure for the Paroli system

Whether in online casinos or in the nearest casino: Paroli can be used anywhere and in a variety of games of chance. The basic rule of the strategy sounds quite simple at first: You make a bet, for example in roulette, win and then double it. The popularity of this system is due, among other things, to this simple sequence, because even beginners can easily incorporate the Paroli strategy into their game. All you need to remember are these two guidelines:

In the event of success, the stake is increased, and in the event of a defeat, the strategy simply starts again. So, as you may notice, this system follows the complete opposite of the Martingale strategy. But how successful is it?

Paroli is based on the system of positive progression: after a win, the stake increases. Theoretically, this sequence can go on and on - of course only until you lose the first time. But if we look at the whole thing from the perspective of probability, betting with the Paroli system is no longer necessarily promising from a certain profit chain. Because with each progression, the probability of another positive, i.e. successful, round decreases. A few numbers can help clarify this. Let us assume that a player bets on “red” in roulette: What are the probabilities if he has decided to use the Paroli strategy?

Chances of winning with the 1st bet on "Red"Chances of winning 2-fold progression to "red"Chance of winning 3-fold progression to "red"Chance of winning 4-fold progression to "red"
48,6 %23,6 %11,5 %5,6 %

Chances of winning and sizes of losses at Paroli

A quick look at the numbers shows that - using the example of roulette - at the beginning it is not so unlikely to win with a double paroli. But with every further lap, the chance of an uninterrupted run decreases. A 4-fold paroli comes with a probability of 5.6%. For this reason, it is advisable to undertake either a 2-fold or a 3-fold Paroli, where the probabilities are still in the double-digit range. You should then start a new round again with your original starting bet. But what about concrete profit figures?

If you consider that the bet doubles with each round, you can evaluate the Paroli system in two ways. On the one hand, the profit is not particularly high with each new progression, but on the other hand, the loss is not too great if the round is lost. Let's stay with the example of the roulette player who bets on “red” and starts the first round with € 2. In the first case he manages a successful double parole, in the second case he loses the last round.

example1st round ➡️2nd round ➡️3rd round ➡️previous net profit / loss 📈
12 €Success:
€ 2 win and € 2 new stake
€ 4 win and € 4 new stake
+ 6 €
22 €Success:
€ 2 win and € 2 new stake
Loss of the entire bet
- € 4 (active use)

The table shows that players have tripled their stakes with a 3-fold paroli. This may not seem particularly high with a starting capital of € 2, but with the very good probability you could gradually earn a nice sum by always betting on a 3-fold positive progression. In practical terms, this means that after a successful Paroli you collect your winnings and start a new attempt.

On the other hand, your loss is not that great either. These points bring us to our next topic: the advantages and disadvantages of this system. For which types of players is betting with the Paroli system suitable? And when is it worth using this strategy?

Try out the Paroli strategy in the mobile casino:

Advantages and disadvantages of the Paroli betting system

Like most strategies, the Paroli system has its strengths and weaknesses. We want to focus on these in the next section. You now already know what the basics of the Paroli system look like and how odds and probabilities behave. But can you really win in the long run with this strategy?

The great advantages of the Paroli system are obvious: the clear structure of this strategy makes it easy for beginners to follow it and to stay true to it over a longer period of time. Changing strategies within a game is not advisable, as some systems contradict each other and you can quickly lose track of things. Because with the well-known Martingale system, the rules of the game behave very differently:

Doubling the stake after winningDoubling the stake after a loss
Lower risk of bets and lossesUneven relation of high stakes and relatively low winnings

As simple as the sequence in the Paroli game may be, it is just as difficult to make really high profits with it, as the probability decreases sharply with each new round. You may not land a big coup with it, but you also do not take too great a risk, since practically only the renewed profit and the basic stake are risked.

And this is exactly what is a big plus point of this system for some players: you can keep the balance of your credit balance with the Paroli system in contrast to Martingale, where you can lose a lot of money very quickly. You simply always double your stake and can compensate for any loss relatively well in the next round. For a quick overview, you can read again here in summary, where the individual pluses and possible impairments of the Paroli strategy lie:


    👍 Clear structure that is also suitable for beginners

    👍 Low risk compared to other game systems

    👍 Achieving smaller but regular profits possible

    👍 Don't lose too much


    👎 No big profits in the long term

    👎 No guarantee for a positive balance

As with all games of chance in online casinos or casinos, the same applies to the Paroli strategy: There is no security for winnings; in spite of all strategic approaches, luck still plays the decisive role. The Paroli system can, however, help your own Better keep betting behavior under control. If you want to enjoy the thrill of gambling and have fun in the casino without looking for big money, the Paroli strategy is well advised.

Paroli system in blackjack

Blitz Blackjack from NetEnt

How is the Paroli strategy used in individual games? The basis of the system remains the same no matter which casino game you choose. Using the Paroli system in blackjack games means that you double your stake after a successfully played hand. In blackjack there are already a lot of strategic tips on how to proceed with a "soft hand" or when a "hit" or a "stand" is the best choice. Unlike in roulette, however, a round of blackjack can either take a long time or come to an end very quickly.

For those who want to concentrate completely on the game strategy, it can be helpful to use the Paroli system so as not to waste unnecessary thought on when to use how much credit or real money, as the betting strategy makes the decision this decreases. You should just pay attention here, too to start all over again after a maximum of three successful rounds. But in blackjack, it can just as well be the case that you have to wait a long time for a winning hand - so be patient. In order to be successful at this game with Paroli, you also need excellent basic knowledge of various blackjack situations in order to be able to better assess your chances of success.

Paroli system in roulette

German Roulette from Pragmatic Play

Especially beginners can easily be overwhelmed with the amount of different betting options in roulette. At this point, the Paroli game can be a good option to find your way around the game. In roulette, as the above numerical example has shown, it makes most sense to click on to set easy chances, since there is most likely a multiple positive progression. As an experienced player you can use the Roulette Paroli system with other chances, such as the Carré, but for this you have to reckon with a very low probability of a 3-fold Paroli. In return, in such a case, there would be quite high winnings waiting for you.

In fact, the best option and associated with an assessable risk is betting on simple chances with Paroli. If you have made it to a 3-fold progression, you should definitely start again with the basic bet in the next round. While you can easily try this strategy in online casinos, in the real casino you should let the croupier know about your Paroli game so that he can keep track of your bets and winnings and keep them on the table until you either lose or your winnings yourself can clear away.

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Paroli system in baccarat

Baccarat from Evolution Gaming

You can use the Paroli strategy just as well in baccarat. Similar to blackjack, this card game can take a very long time before the player wins three times in a row and thus has the option of a 3-fold progression. Neither can the system change the house edge; rather, it is there to help you as a player on a possible streak of luck.

If you are an accomplished baccarat player, you are likely familiar with several strategies based on how you proceeded to play the game. Compared to blackjack, it is also helpful in baccarat to use a strategy to make luck a less predictable one. Then the Paroli system is the ideal way to get the most out of your strategic skills and the remaining ounce of luck in a complex card game like this one.

Paroli system in craps

Craps from Quickfire

Friends of the craps game popular in the USA can also use the Paroli strategy here. The game is particularly popular with us in online casinos and offers either simple betting options or complicated bets with different chances of winning. If you want to compete in craps with the Paroli system, the “Pass”, “Come” or “Don't Come” bets are a good choice, because the house edge is just 1.41%. It goes even lower with a bet on "Don’t Pass" with only 1.36%. All of these opportunities offer the best conditions for multiple progression.

But as with roulette and the simple chances, the payout percentages for “Pass” and “Come” are only 1: 1. But this also means that the prospect of a successful Paroli is significantly better and can ensure that you can actually increase your credit or real money in craps in a short time. After three successful rounds you start all over again in Craps in order to keep a good balance in the event of a loss.

Adventurous players could combine a Paroli game with a place bet on the 6 or 8, as the house edge is still 1.52%. Most other bets have a significantly higher value and are less suitable for this strategy.

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