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Because of Corona, Bavaria is now also looking for teachers without a teaching degree

MUNICH. In order to ensure the supply of lessons in Bavaria during the corona pandemic, teachers without a teaching degree are to be deployed for the new school year. To support those regular teachers who belonged to the Corona risk groups and therefore could not give face-to-face classes, the Ministry of Education is now looking for 800 so-called team teachers, said Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) in Munich today. In addition to trained teachers, people with other university degrees could also apply for these positions.

"We are facing structural challenges for the new school year and we also have a special situation because of the Corona crisis," said the Minister of Education. In order to cover the structural requirements for regular operation at the schools, 4600 new teachers will also be hired for the coming school year. 1000 additional teaching positions that have been approved are also intended to ensure improvements in certain specialist areas and in the all-day program in the future. In the Free State, around 150,000 teachers teach a total of around 1.7 million students at around 6,000 schools.

Opposition calls for a structural approach to the problem

The opposition SPD, for example, expressed criticism of the measures set out to combat the acute shortage of teachers. “Assigning the schools to look for team teachers two days before the summer holidays, who should be deployed in a good six weeks, is crazy. That is certainly not serious personnel planning, ”said Simone Strohmayr, education policy spokeswoman for the SPD parliamentary group, according to a statement. In addition, fixed-term contracts for one year did not create a great incentive for the potential temporary teachers. The SPD called for the problem of teacher shortages to be tackled structurally, for better incentives to be created for prospective teachers and for vocational training to be reformed.

Thomas Gehring, education policy spokesman for the Landtag Greens, criticized the “last minute search for” team teachers and described Piazolo as a “bad crisis manager”. In order to close “the blatant teacher gap”, additional qualification offers are needed for newcomers as well as a free school budget with which additional pedagogical staff can be employed, said Gehring. According to the Bavarian Association of Philologists (bpv), the 800 team teachers are “nothing more than a drop in the ocean”.

Piazolo: "We are well prepared"

According to Piazolo, Bavaria is prepared for the next school year, even if the pandemic prevents one hundred percent planning. "As far as this is still possible in Corona times, we are well prepared." According to Piazolo, the shortage of teachers expected for the coming school year of around 1,400 full-time positions in basic , Middle and special schools are intercepted. The measures of the state government, which include overtime for many teachers and later retirement, had criticized educators and associations as unjust and burdensome. dpa

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