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Email Marketing Trends For 2021: 3 Developments That Will Take You Ahead

A new year with new challenges and one thing remains certain: Email marketing and direct communication are more relevant than ever! But how do you position yourself in a steadily expanding market that seems to offer endless possibilities? And most importantly, what did we learn from last year to take our email marketing to the next level? We looked at the developments of the last few months and recognized the following trends:

1. Crisis communication and transparency

Due to the corona pandemic, the past year caused a lot of communication needs in many areas, be it social or political, also for companies and service providers who suffered from it or even benefited from it. The direct communication With the end customer or business partner via e-mail marketing is the best way, if necessary up-to-date, to deal with events, to draw attention to them and to be transparent.

Where previously the optimistic route was often chosen, entrepreneurs were now forced to provide information due to external influences on, for example, delivery bottlenecks, production delays or hygiene measures in the company.

But that's even more popular with newsletter subscribers! Open communication and transparency will therefore also play a major role this year and promote the dialogue between providers and customers. So don't hesitate to go back to it personal level to address his customers and explain possible circumstances. This promotes customer loyalty in the long term and strengthens trust in the company!

2. Automation as an aid

Automation in email marketing is actually nothing new - but it was only with the difficulties and the forced greater digitization of the last few months that users seem to come across more and more of the possibilities that automation brings with it.

Entrepreneurs can get through Automation provide the most relevant content for your customers at the most appropriate time.

  • For example, through so-called Trigger mailings, which are triggered by an action by the recipient and then trigger a sequence. This can be the first registration, the purchase of a product or a booking made. Such automation processes are incredibly helpful, especially in the context of digital processing and the increased swiveling to digital booking offers, including by retailers and service providers.
  • In addition, enable Lifecycle mailings Maintaining personal ties at specified times, such as a customer's birthday, even without direct contact on site, such as in a shop or during a consultation. Since this option can be adapted to a wide variety of requirements, industries and user groups, it makes communication and work much easier and will certainly play an important role in the increased data exchange in the coming year.

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3. Sell with empathy

Of course, due to the circumstances from last year, it is now important for many companies in the coming months to keep sales stable and to make good use of their sales channels. However, the crisis communication already mentioned is also accompanied by another trend that is aimed at customers on a similar level long term to bind to yourself.

Emphatic mailings with understanding and helpful information, offers and services in line with the current situation not only show that the company can deal transparently with a problem, but it also relieves the recipient's expectations.

Entrepreneurs should do well in the coming months understanding and emphatic communicate with their customers in email marketing. Especially aspects which the overall social mood influence such as extended lockdowns, curfews or short-time work should not necessarily be the subject of the newsletter content, but the circumstances under which a new campaign is set up should be taken into account in order not to be negative for the recipients.

Conclusion: The year 2021 in emails

Studies recently confirmed again that email marketing is still the strongest option of online marketing with 95.4 percent of users from over 5000 top companies in the DACH region. So the email is still that most sales-efficient communication tool for profitable direct marketing. Most recently, the return on investment (ROI) even increased slightly to 42: 1. In terms of the cost-benefit factor, direct communication and personal approach as well as ROI, e-mail should continue to be placed as a front runner, which should not be underestimated in the coming year.

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sebastian Strzelecki has been responsible for operational management at CleverReach®, the solution provider for digital direct marketing, since January 2020.