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Our participation in the RWE school competition "ENERGY WITH A HEAD"
Thinking ahead, thinking ahead, thinking outside the box

Our school successfully applied for participation in the RWE school competition "ENERGY WITH A HEAD". The aim of the competition is for schoolchildren to develop creative ideas for saving energy and / or technical energy projects.


Our application was accepted, which means that in addition to teaching materials, RWE is also providing us with funding of 400.00 euros to implement our project idea. With the help of this financial support we carry out the project MANUFACTURING TABLE LAMPS AND FLASHLIGHTS FROM OLD BATTERIES.

Encouraged by the “Inventor Kids” working group, which is doing well as part of the OGS offers, we decided to give all the children in the school the opportunity to build their own LED flashlight. By applying to the competition “Energy with brains” the basis was created and financial resources made available.
Both the teaching staff and the school caretakers received instruction and training on the subject from the head of the project, Mr. Yalovenko. Armed with this knowledge, all classes, depending on the age group, built an LED flashlight with adult support (photo). The 4th school years worked completely independently. In the younger generation, Mr. Yalovenko (see also photo) helped to initiate an understanding of theory. It was encouraging that, in the course of the class projects, children, who otherwise show rather low motivation to learn, could be activated; the curiosity was aroused and new students could be won for the OGS-AG.

After completing the "LED torch" project, the following continuation planning resulted:
"Creation of a bicycle taillight" as an offer for fourth graders and the manufacture of additional LED table lamps by third graders, which will be presented to the visitors of the family library and will also be offered for sale on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 from 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm.
The flashlights are already in use as objects of daily use; the taillights serve as replacement equipment if the fourth graders will soon have to cope with their way to school by bike.
There are already inquiries from neighboring schools, whose interest was aroused by word of mouth propaganda about befriended children. Our “specialists” have already acted as multipliers for the energy-saving idea.

In addition, our project automatically takes part in the final round of the competition, which gives us the chance to win one of the main prizes of 4,000.00 euros. So please keep your fingers crossed for us!