What is hacking in software

Hacking Tools: With this legal software, hackers can get to your data more easily

The modern age of the internet is not all about good things: The increasing digitizationalso attracts more and more cyber gangsterswho want to gain access to your sensitive data with the help of security holes or malware. It is not uncommon for them to use software that is freely accessible online. Here we tell you which legal hacking tools are available and how you can use themInternet criminalsso that you can even be one step ahead.

  • Destructive hackers misuse legal software for illegal purposes.
  • Mobile devices are also increasingly becoming the target of attackers from the Internet.
  • With the help of hacking tools you can identify and fix weak points in your network.


1. Five tool kits for hackers that you can get legally on the Internet

Hacking software may have a bad reputation, but that doesn't mean it's always illegal. The following five utilities are legally available on the Internet.

1.1. Aircrack exploits security gaps in your WLAN

With Aircrack you get it right away several programs with the help of which you can explore weak points in networks and make use of them. The main program of the tool kit is the decryption software Aircrack-ng, which the Find out the security keys of WEP and WPA2 protected WLANs can. For this purpose, the so-called brut force method is used for WEP, which means that all possible combinations of numbers and letters are simply tried out.

Aircrack-ng only needs a few seconds to crack a WEP key. For more complex WPA2 passwords, however, it uses dictionary attacks in which the password is determined on the basis of a password list. However, this method only works when the password consists of a meaningful sequence of characters.

Extract of the available parameters from airodump-ng.

In addition to Aircrack-ng, the tool package includes the following sub-programs:

  • Airbase-ng pretends to be an access point with the help of received SSID scans.
  • Airdecap-ng cracks WEP and WPA data from Wifis with the help of a known key.
  • Aireplay-ng infiltrates networks with self-created packages.
  • Airodump-ng records traffic and displays network information.
  • Airolib-ng manages and stores password lists and ESSIDs for calculating WPA keys.
  • Airserv-ng authorizes network cards that are not locally connected via a TCP connection.
  • Airtun-ng builds virtual tunnels.

1.2. With Nmap you enter the matrix

The network tool Nmap falls under the category of so-called port scanners: It supervisedall ports up to and including 1024 and also those above, if these are stored in the services file of the program. Of course, there is also the option of specifying dedicated ports for checking. However, nmap only runs scans on target systems if youhosted by the user himself or the operator has given his permission for this.

Nmap is a text-only tool that originally developed for Linux (GNU) has been. Meanwhile, there is also one with Zenmap Program version with graphical user interface. If you have any experience with input line tools, you should the handling on the console is not too much of a challenge represent for you. For example, you can start a simple scan with the command


Using the example of Google (www.google.de,, the result looks like this:

Result of a simple scan with nmap using Google as an example.

Good to know: The Vulnerability ScannerNessus also searches for open ports with nmap.

Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) doing a power plant hack with nmap.

nmap goes Hollywood: Nmap has also been used for "network analyzes" in well-known films:

The program had its biggest appearance so far in "Matrix Reloaded". The hacker Trinity uses one in the filmvulnerability discovered by the softwareto penetrate the network of a power plant. In the blockbuster “The Bourne Ultimatum”, however, an older version of Zenmap appears.

1.3. Wireshark records the network traffic

The open source tool "Wireshark" is a network sniffer with which you can use the Record traffic on any interface and then be able to display the results via the GUI. The software supports 472 different protocolssuch as FibreChannel or IPv6.

With the help of Wireshark you can test encryption or track down network problems. Hackers mainly use the software toTo filter passwords and private data from the traffic.

In addition to the graphical version, Wireshark is also available as a text-based command line tool TSharkthat has the same range of functions and the recordings in the format tcpdump saves. In this way, the results can be conveniently analyzed via the GUI if required.

Wireshark in action.

By the way: Wireshark was mainly until a while ago under its old name "Ethereal" known. The software was renamed Wireshark after the developer changed employer and lost the rights to the name.

1.4. Resource Hacker manipulates the Windows user interface

Resource Hacker or Reshacker is a free utility from developer Angus Johnson that allows View and change the components of EXE files to let.

With the help of the software you manipulate, among other things

  • Shortcuts
  • Menus
  • Dialog boxes
  • Controls
  • Lettering

and can even change the boot logo when the computer is started. Originally as a Tool for viewing hidden application files thought, Resource Hacker has now also become a popular tool for cyber gangsters who work in this way Infiltrate viruses and Trojans onto target systems unnoticed.

Resource Hacker contains a resource compiler for * rc files and a decompiler for View and edit executable files and resource libraries. If necessary, the tool can also be used to create completely new resource files.

Overview of the function menu of Resource Hacker.

Tip: Resource Hacker is equipped with a graphical user interface, but the program also offers a lot of possibilities to edit resources via the command line.

1.5. Distributed Password Recovery cracks almost any password

"Distributed Password Recovery" from ElcomSoft is in contrast to the previously mentioned hacking tools no freewareHowever, for a price of 599 euros (5 clients) you get a particularly powerful tool kit that even authorities, forensic technicians and companies can work with.

The software is able to crack the passwords of over 300 different file types. In addition to Office documents and PDF files, the Passwords frompersonal security certificates, mailboxes and Windows or Linux logins be determined.

Either the brut-force method is used for this, or the key phrases are determined using defined word lists. Distributed Password Recovery works through the patented hardware acceleration technology and linear scalability on up to 10,000 computers up to 250 times faster than comparable decryption programs. All GPUs of the Nvidia GeForce series, the models from AMD and the integrated graphics processor cores of Intel CPUs are supported.

Task view in Distributed Password Recovery.

Note: With "Distributed Password Recovery" the master keys of password managers such as KeePass, G Data or 1Password can also be cracked.

2. Conclusion: Legal hacking tools are a double-edged sword

Through the use of hacking software, security experts and administrators can Check information systems for security gaps and close them in a targeted mannerin order to forestall attackers.

However, the availability of such programs also harborsa lot of dangers, because the opportunities this opens up often lead to improper use. The use of legal hacking tools puts you in a gray area under criminal law. You can use it to sabotage other people's computers or data, is a criminal offense according to currently applicable law.

The providers of hacking tools shouldn't feel safe either: In certain cases, you can make yourself liable to prosecution by selling or providing the software.

Basically: If you want to test one of the programs mentioned above, you should only do so on your home computer and, if possible, not start any queries over the network or the Internet.

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Hacking Tools: With this legal software, hackers can get to your data more easily
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