YouTubers become new celebrities

RTL: Sommerhaus der Stars 2020 - Final on November 1st, 2020: Portrait of candidates Lisha and Lou

Will you fight for the title "The Celebrity Couple 2020"? Lisha and Lou are also participants in this year's season of "The Stars' Summer House" 2020, which has been on since 9.9.20 RTL running.

The YouTube stars want to give everything to take home the victory and the prize money of 50,000 euros in the end. Here in the portrait you will find all the important information about the couple in our overview.

Lisha and Lou: The couple became known through YouTube

The two Youtubers and influencers Lou and Lisha have been together for ten years and have been inseparable since day one. Before their career on the video portal, the Berliners worked in the security industry, but now they can make a living from their video productions. The 31-year-old and the 33-year-old share their entire private everyday life with their followers - even the marriage proposal took place in the middle of a Berlin shopping center and was of course captured by the camera.

Lisha and Lou want to win in the "summer house of the stars"

Lisha and Lou want to give everything in "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" to show that they are a well-rehearsed team and that they can win together as a couple. In the show, eight prominent couples live together in one house. Week after week they have to face different tasks, at the end of each week a couple has to leave the format. The couple who remain in the end wins the show and with it the prize money of 50,000 euros.

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