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Stiftung Warentest - For allergy sufferers: The best remedies for hay fever

The nose is running, the eyes are watering - many people are plagued by hay fever in spring. Various over-the-counter medications are available to relieve the worst of symptoms. Stiftung Warentest has evaluated studies and listed 53 effective hay fever remedies in the "test" booklet (March 2020).

Hazel, alder, elm, birch, grass - the list of plants that can trigger hay fever is long. According to the Allergy Information Service, 14.8 percent of adults in Germany are now diagnosed with hay fever. We present good products against hay fever and give tips for those suffering from hay fever allergies.

In the apartment: air purifier and pollen guard

Products that can reduce exposure are also recommended for use in hay fever. Special pollen protection grids on the windows enable, for example, regular ventilation even in households with allergies.

Air purifiers for allergy sufferers also reduce discomfort. Set up in the living room and bedroom, they filter pollen from the air.

Best air purifier in the test: Philips AC2889 / 10 air purifier

The Stiftung Warentest examined air purifiers in February of this year. Among other things, tests were carried out to determine how well pollen-polluted air can be cleaned. Out of seven devices tested, only two received a good overall rating. The test winner was the air purifier AC2889 / 10 from Philips.

This air purifier removes pollen, dust and bacteria from the air. Even tiny particles down to 0.02 micrometers are no problem for the air purifier. The hepa and activated carbon filters ensure clean air.

With this pollen screen, pollen stays outside

The pollen guard sits in an aluminum frame and can thus be adapted to the window size. It is suitable for windows of 130 x 150 centimeters. The assembly can also be carried out by yourself without any technical knowledge. Screwing and drilling are not necessary.

The fine-pored micro-tissue not only protects against pollen, but also keeps insects, dust and soot particles away. This product is classified as allergy friendly by the European Foundation for Allergy Research.

For irritated nasal mucous membranes: Narsa nasal douche

A nasal douche can help hay fever patients when there is a lot of pollen. The nasal shower set from Narsa comes with ten packets of salt that are matched to the volume of the nasal douche. Interchangeable attachments for men, women and children are also included.

Daily use frees the nose from pollen and the irritated mucous membranes are moistened. Many consumers are satisfied with both the ease of use and the problem-free cleaning of the nasal douche.

Hay fever remedies - what should you watch out for?

There are various over-the-counter medications available for hay fever allergy sufferers. Every year at the beginning of the pollen season, Stiftung Warentest recommends non-prescription drugs, the effectiveness of which has been proven in studies.

The testers recommend eye drops for allergy sufferers who suffer from watery eyes. If you have problems with your nose, special nasal sprays that encourage the swelling of the nasal mucous membranes are the right choice.

Those suffering from hay fever allergies in particular use combination preparations for the nose and eyes. Tablets, juices and syrups are more effective than nasal and eye sprays.

What active ingredients are there in hay fever remedies?

There are products with various active ingredients on the over-the-counter market. Some have a preventive effect, others are only used for acute problems.

Anti-inflammatory drugs help with allergies such as hay fever. There are different groups of active ingredients: The group of Cromone belongs to the milder, stronger and faster acting Antihistamines. Both inhibit the release of histamine, which causes the allergic reactions.

The Stiftung Warentest recommends Preparations without preservatives to choose. In the case of eye drops without preservatives, the ending "sine" (without) is often added to the product name. Nasal sprays with preservatives can damage the nasal mucosa if they are used for a long time.

Nasal sprays for preventive treatment

It is best to start using nasal sprays for preventive treatment before the pollen starts flying. The active ingredient is preventative Cromoglizic acid used, such as Crom Ophtal. When buying, make sure to use a product that does not contain preservatives.

Nasal sprays for acute treatment

For the acute treatment of hay fever, there are nasal sprays with two different active ingredients. For one thing, sprays with LevocabastineOn the other hand, the active ingredient also helps Azelastine. The Vividrin acute nasal spray is based on the active ingredient azelastine and does not contain any preservatives.

Eye drops for preventive treatment

Eye drops with the active ingredient Cromoglizic acid can be used as a preventive treatment for hay fever. Cromo-Stulln eye drops are based on this active ingredient and contain no preservatives.

Eye drops for the acute treatment of hay fever

The two active ingredients are also used in eye dropsAzelastine and Levocabastineused for the acute treatment of hay fever symptoms. The eye drops Azela-vision sine and Livocab direct do not contain any preservatives.

Combination preparations for eyes and nose with hay fever

For many sufferers, the symptoms are not limited to the nose or eyes. Combined preparations therefore contain nasal spray and eye drops. Here, too, there are preventive preparations and those for acute use. The remedy Allergodil akut Duo is suitable for acute treatment.

Tablets and syrup help with more severe symptoms

If the symptoms are worse, eye and nose drops are often of no help. Then tablets, drops or syrup can be the appropriate remedies for hay fever. The active ingredients Cetirizine and Loratadine help without making you tired like other antihistamines. Cetirizin-ADGC is a preparation recommended by Stiftung Warentest.

Important for hay fever allergy sufferers: If you have more severe symptoms, you should definitely see a doctor. He can either advise you on a suitable agent with the right active ingredient or carry out a desensitization. In this way your illness can be alleviated in the long term.

Tips: How can I prevent hay fever symptoms?

The best way to avoid the symptoms of hay fever: Avoid contact with allergy triggers.

Since very few people want to spend the spring in closed rooms, measures should be taken that at least reduce the exposure to allergens.

Regular vacuuming and damp mopping help in the home. Street clothes and shoes should not be kept in the bedroom. It can also help to wash your hair out in the evening. This is how allergy sufferers remove the pollen that has stuck there during the day.

Anyone who is particularly plagued by symptoms of hay fever should consider a short vacation in a region with less pollen. The pollution is usually lower at the sea and in the mountains. The German Pollen Information Service Foundation recommends heights of over 2,000 meters.

Otherwise it is important to always call up the local pollen count information for your region.

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