How can I edit Excel tables in general

Create and edit diagram in Excel

Charts show your information visually and make your presentation aesthetically pleasing. In order for the diagram to match the theme of your presentation, the color selection when creating the diagram is very important.

Charts clarify content that can be lost in columns of numbers and formulas, and make your information more accessible to people who are unfamiliar with them. Charts can make a bigger impression than rows and columns because the mind perceives processes more quickly and remembers visual information more quickly than text or numerical information. Also, shapes and colors have real effects.

Excel offers several tools for quickly creating a chart as well as a visual representation of numbers on your worksheet.

There are several types of charts to choose from in Excel, including column, line, pie, bar, area, and dot charts.

Create a diagram

  • First you need the values ​​for the diagram. To do this, just create a small table. This can be a table of your annual income, sales, student absenteeism in a class, grade point average, etc.
  • Select the values ​​of the table including row and column headings and switch to the tab above "Insert" and select in the group "Diagrams" a diagram. The best thing to do is to click "Recommended diagrams" and choose a diagram. You can then choose a recommended diagram or in the tab "All diagrams" insert another diagram. Once you have decided on a diagram type, select it with one click and click on OK.
  • The marked values ​​are now automatically displayed as a diagram. The graphic is now ready, but you can edit and add to it at any time. After you've created your chart, Excel puts Chart Tools on top of the tab "Design" and "Format" to disposal. This allows you to make changes to the diagram, such as: B. add chart elements, choose a different chart style, etc.

The fastest way to create a chart with all chart default settings in Excel is to highlight the desired data and then press the F11 key. Excel creates a chart on a new worksheet. You can then edit the diagram using the diagram tools.

Edit diagram

After you've created your chart, you can use Excel to edit your chart very easily.

  • To add more data to the chart, click on the table with the data and a blue rectangle will appear. Make the rectangle bigger. This means that you can add individual data to your table.
  • With a click on the diagram you can change the design as well as the representation form. You can make these changes via the tab "Design" and "Format" make or select via the brush, to the right of the graphic, choose a different style, for example, or adjust the colors of the bars. About the Plus symbol you can add or hide other elements such as labels, lines and a legend. You can filter data using the Filter icon.
  • To edit data in a data series or to rearrange data on the chart, click the tab "Design" in the group "Data" on "Select data".
  • To change the size of a chart, click the chart. A frame appears, with dots on the sides and corners. Place the cursor over the points. When a double arrow appears, drag the diagram to the desired size.