Barcelona is very touristy in winter

Corona situation in Barcelona

As of October 28, 2020, We update this information regularly. All statements without guarantee.

Barcelona is currently as empty as it has been in a long time, with lots of space on the streets and sights and almost empty hotels. Actually ideal for enjoying a relaxed city break. Nevertheless, we advise you to postpone trips to Barcelona to a period after March 1st, 2021 and to book early.

The state of emergency will again apply in Barcelona from October 25, 2020. This only means that the regional governments can impose far-reaching measures.

For public buildings, hotels and public transport there are mandatory rules such as wearing masks and keeping your distance.

Rules of conduct in Barcelona

  • The state of emergency applies to Catalonia and Barcelona. This means that governments have restricted freedom of movement. Please note the quarantine regulations on the return journey, which are described on the website of the German Foreign Office.
  • There is a curfew in Barcelona from 23:00 to 06:00
  • People in Barcelona are asked to stay at home if possible. However, this is not mandatory.
  • Gatherings of more than 6 people are not allowed
  • During the day, people can go outside without any time restrictions
  • Basically: keep your distance (at least 1.50 meters)
  • In Catalonia there is a permanent mask requirement inside public buildings. This also applies outdoors. Violations of the mask requirement will result in a fine of € 100.
  • If you notice symptoms of a Covid-19 infection - i.e. fever, cough, loss of the sense of smell and taste, or difficulty breathing - you must isolate yourself in your accommodation and contact the health authorities. Your hotel will have the contact details.
  • Parks, bars and restaurants are open inside and outside with distance rules. Sights can remain open, but must apply a hygiene concept. However, the opening times are reduced.
  • Bars and restaurants are closed
  • Major events initially take place without an audience
  • Local public transport can be used (masks and distance rules). All shops are open.

Tourism in Barcelona

Tourism in Barcelona is almost non-existent at the moment. Many sights are open, but a number of organizers have used the beginning of the winter season to close completely and only reopen in March.

The double-decker buses, which would otherwise be an integral part of the cityscape of Barcelona, ​​also stopped operating over the winter. It is still unclear when operations will be restarted. We assume March 1st, 2021 to be the day of resumption.

Private tours and city tours and private transfers can take place, but with a maximum of 6 people in total.

Are holidaymakers even allowed to travel to Spain?

The travel warnings are a recommendation, not a travel ban. When re-entering Germany, there is a 14-day quarantine obligation, a Corona-PCR test is mandatory on the return journey. You can have the tests carried out free of charge at the airports. If this is negative, the quarantine obligation does not apply (in Germany, different rules depending on the federal state). Note that a travel warning is not covered by travel cancellation insurance. Since all visits, sightseeing, city tours and city tours are possible in Barcelona, ​​the regular cancellation conditions apply. Other regulations apply to package tours, but we do not offer them.

Return to Germany, Austria and Switzerland

In Catalonia itself, the number of new infections is low compared to the rest of Spain, and those returning from Catalonia only play a small role in the infection rate in their home countries. Nevertheless, the travel warning applies with far-reaching consequences for guests in their home country.

Return to Germany

The Foreign Office has issued a travel warning for Spain (as of October 1st, 2020). This means that return travelers have to isolate themselves for 14 days and have themselves tested. The test is free for up to 72 hours after your return. In most federal states, the quarantine obligation ends as soon as a negative test is present. How it is handled in your federal state can be found on the websites of the state governments. On the website of the Federal Ministry of Health you will find answers to frequently asked questions about corona testing.

Return to Austria

According to the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, the 4th security level applies to Austrians. I. E. unnecessary travel is not recommended. No country currently has a lower security level. The travel warning applies to all of Spain with the exception of the Canary Islands.

Return to Switzerland

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA advises Switzerland against unnecessary trips to Spain. When entering from a country that is on the list with mandatory quarantine, you must be in quarantine for 10 days. Even a negative test result does not cancel the quarantine requirement. Here you can find more information about quarantine when entering Switzerland.

Entry into Spain - FCS form

The FCS form (Formio de Control Sanitario) must be filled out at Spain Travel Health, an authority of the Spanish Ministry of Health, within 48 hours of arrival by plane in Spain. A QR code is generated that must be presented upon entry.

  • Where can you find the form?
    Directly in the Spain Travel Helth portal (in German) or with the SptH app
  • W.Which data are requested?
    Your personal data including your ID number and information about your last stay and previous trips. The flight details and seat numbers must also be given.
  • Why the QR code?
    After registration you will receive the QR code by email or in the app. Entry is not possible without this code. The information will be used to decide whether you will be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival. This test is free.
    The information can be used to trace the contacts even in the event of a positive test.
  • Who has to fill this out?
    Everyone who wants to enter Spain by plane must be able to show the QR code

What to do in Barcelona

Tourism in Barcelona is only 10% of the level of the previous year, sights and tours take place almost exclusively with local guests. We recommend that you only consider a trip to Barcelona for the period after March 1st, 2021.

City tours

  • Our guide is not allowed to shake hands to greet you and say goodbye
  • The guides bring masks and disinfectants
  • If you have planned breaks, you can disinfect your hands afterwards
  • Please keep the minimum distance to the other guests
  • The group sizes are reduced to a maximum of 5 guests
  • During the tour, your guide will occasionally remind you of the protective measures. We just want you to experience a relaxed and safe tour.

Private city tours and transfers

  • The vehicles are disinfected after every journey
  • The masks must be worn in the vehicle (cover your mouth and nose)
  • A handshake in greeting is not possible here either

Tourist Attractions

  • Most of the museums and monuments are open
  • Please note the restrictions in detail (distance rules, mask requirement, limitation of the number of visitors, etc.).
  • Please also note that individual museums and attractions may have different opening times

Restaurants and bars

  • Restaurants, bars, clubs and discos are closed
  • Restaurants are only allowed to offer take-away food

FC Barcelona matches

  • In general, major events with an audience are not yet permitted. When this will be the case has not yet been determined.
  • A schedule for the new season will be announced, it depends on the current situation
  • We would be happy to provide you with information on ticket purchase and schedule. Simply subscribe to our newsletter mailing list
  • The Camp Nou is open again for tours

Other major events

  • Large festivals and celebrations such as the city festival La Mercè or the Sónar Festival have been canceled or take place online

Public transportation

  • These are in operation
  • The number of passengers is limited

Bus Turístic / double decker buses and Telefèric

  • Are currently out of order. The resumption of driving has not yet been determined, but should be around March 1st, 2021 (no guarantee)


Cruises to / from Barcelona

  • Cruise ships are not allowed to dock in Spain

How can you protect yourself from being infected with the corona virus?