What does it mean for you to enjoy life

The PASCH online school newspaper from Central Eastern Europe

A contribution by
Zdenka Žilincová and Nikola Sochová
P.O.H. Gymnázium Dolný Kubín
Petra Heber www.jugendfotos.de, CC license (by-nc)

What does happiness mean to me?

Happiness is everywhere!
Do you want to know what happiness is? We think you can't buy the most beautiful things.
We write about our happiness. Look here!

Everyone defines happiness differently. For me, happiness is when I have fun and do something that I enjoy. I am happy when I can hang out with my friends. They are very funny, funny and they are always in a good mood. With them there is always positive energy. When I am happy, I radiate happiness everywhere. Happiness is also about making someone happy.

The greatest happiness for me is my large family. I always have moments of happiness with my family. For example, when I succeed in something and I am successful, they celebrate with me. Every weekend we go to the mountains, visit my grandparents or go to the outdoor pool.
Love is also great happiness. Everyone remembers their first love. You are satisfied, you feel good and you are very friendly. All things go better. That’s a great feeling.

Can you buy happiness? In my opinion, you can't buy the most beautiful things. Expensive jewelry, diamonds, or large property ... that's not real happiness. When we help each other - that is real happiness! This is so easy. For example, we can pick up medication for someone, help with homework and household chores, buy gifts and so on.

I want to be happy as a child. Child happiness is warm, weightless, selfless and very wonderful. The adults face a lot of difficulties and have less time for happy moments. This is very bad. Happiness is important to life.
But happiness never lasts. For example, when I and my family are sick, I am unhappy.
When one is lovesick and unhappy, one looks for lost happiness again. I hope all people can find real happiness and enjoy life.