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The top 6 most successful corporate ad campaigns of all time

The Advertising industry is booming with creative ideas. Yes, to deal with your own Advertising campaign It takes more than a good thought to stand out. Still, there are some companies that have managed to successfully get people's attention over the years.

What an advertising campaign actually is, what makes it successful advertising campaigns You can find out more in this blog post. We'll also show you the Top 6 best advertising campaigns of companies.

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What is an advertising campaign?

An advertising campaign is one planned and targeted marketing campaign with a predefined runtime over a period of time. She aims to Promote products, the Increase sales, the Increase brand awareness or that Strengthen your image or to change. Marketing campaigns usually use several channels and formats and are a combination of various advertising media (media mix).

Planning your advertising campaign

For a successful campaign is a previous one Target group determination indispensable. The decisive points at this point are age, gender, disposable income, but also the media usage preferences in order to be able to determine the appropriate advertising media, media and channels (online and offline). Also the Definition of the advertising goal Development should come first in order to measure your success, not to place costly commercials or social ads on Facebook and Co. without aim and to be able to use your budget optimally. If necessary, it can be useful to consult an advertising agency with the appropriate knowledge for the conception of a campaign.

What are the characteristics of good campaigns?

Your marketing campaign will only be successful if it reaches the desired target groups with your content. But also following criteria can decide about the breakthrough:

  • Unmistakable presentation of the company or the product
  • The customer can see which product is being advertised
  • continuity
  • Memorable slogan
  • relevance
  • Incomparable creative approach (memory retention)
  • Versatile use

Important criteria for creating an advertising copy are also part of a well thought-out strategy.

The top 6 campaigns by companies

The following campaigns managed to successfully influence the market over many years or even revolutionize the advertising industry.

1. Marlboro - The Marlboro man

The Marlboro man has been the guiding principle of the Marlboro cigarette brand since 1955, which has been continuously among the market research institutes Millward Brown and Interbrand since 2002 Top 10 of the world's most successful brands is listed. With the Marlboro man, they have succeeded in conveying the casual and freedom-loving lifestyle that many men wished for in the mid-50s.

Before the start of the marketing campaign, most of the cigarettes were bought by women. With a optimal target group definition and a marketing tailored to them, however, Marlboro succeeded in getting their product matching the idealized lifestyle of their target persons to advertise and thus to reach them to an extraordinarily successful extent. Through this continuous identification With this product, Marlboro has far surpassed its internal competition in terms of brand equity.

2. Nike - Just do it!

In the beginning, Nike was just a marathon runner brand. However, in order to assert itself against its main competitor at the time, Reebok, in the increasingly popular sports and fitness sector, Nike launched its advertising campaign in the late 1980s "Just do it." The slogan motivates its sporty recipients to start and to go beyond their limits.

Animating words that had an impact. Ten years after the branding was introduced in 1988, sales have grown from an initial $ 800 million to $ 9.2 billion. With their measures, Nike has succeeded in their Formulating the brand message precisely for the target group and to spread it on an emotional basis. A concept that still has an impact today.

3. Absolut Vodka - Absolutely ...

It is the longest uninterrupted advertising campaign ever running for a full 25 years until it was discontinued at the end of the 2000s: "Absolutely ..." Thanks to her, the simple yet unique bottle of the vodka company has become a trademark since the early 80s. More than 1,500 individual advertisements were published in combination with this bottle.

But why did the campaign become so successful? It's based on one innovative storytellingwith which a simple product is skillful and persistently staged has been.

4. Dove - True Beauty

Dove has been promoting since the start of the advertising campaign in 2004 "True Beauty". The body care company wants to show women what beauty is in them and therefore relies on effective Persona Marketing. Topics such as your own self-image and body positivity are in the foreground.

The result is commercials such as the “Real Beauty Sketches”, in which a phantom artist was asked to make two drawings of women without ever having seen them. The first was based only on their self-description, the second was described by a stranger. The spots show how far the self-image and the external image can be apart and thus hit the mark Nerve of the time. With this meaningful advertising message Dove meets with a high response and great approval from her female recipients.

5. Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

With "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" In 2010, the Wieden + Kennedy agency revolutionized the advertising industry for men's care products. In a very short time the advertisement with the advertising figure of the "Old Spice Guy" became one viral hit. The intention behind the ad was quite simple: Before the campaign appeared, Old Spice generated most of its sales from women. For this reason, a concept was chosen in which both women should be addressed and the relationship to men should not be lost.

A simple and ingenious concept with which Wieden + Kennedy 2020 entered the next round. Taking up the old joke, this time the younger target group will be addressed in what is now under the new slogan "Smell Like Your Own Man, Man" the adult son is the focus. The Old Spice advertising campaign stands out again Humor and skillful addressing of target groups out.

6. De Beers - A diamond lasts a lifetime

A diamond that will last a lifetime was made through the campaign "A Diamond is Forever" by De Beers from 1999 onwards to become a symbol of marriage without any alternative. With the aim that at some point everyone should buy a ring for their wedding, De Beers not only showed how marketing can contribute to turning an object into an incomparable luxury good that everyone wants to own. You have succeeded in doing one new branch for creating wedding rings.


The six best advertising campaigns show what effect a well thought-out and creative concept can achieve over many years. Finally there is though no universal wisdomthat guarantees the breakthrough. It stays depends on the product, the target group, the zeitgeist and the creative minds behind ithow it can attract people's attention.

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What is an advertising campaign?

A time-limited promotion by a company with the aim of increasing sales and profits or strengthening its image.

What criteria should advertising campaigns meet?

For a successful campaign, you should consider the aspects of continuity, versatility, memorability, relevance and a memorable slogan as the basic building blocks for implementation.

What are the most successful advertising campaigns?

The most successful of all time come from Marlboro, Nike, Old Spice, Dove, Absolut Vodka and De Beers, among others.